What is Bar Top Video Poker?

What is Bar Top Video Poker?

There are so many variations of video poker these days it can often be difficult to realize exactly what each one is and how they work. Fortunately, many are simple to understand, and that’s certainly the case with Bar Top Video Poker.

Below you’ll find all you need to know about BarTop Video Poker, including what it is and exactly how it differs from standard video poker.

What is Bar Top Video Poker?

Video poker is essentially an alternative to online slots. You’ll find many machines online and in casinos across the world. 

Video poker games generally offer a higher return to players than most online slots, particularly Bar Top Video Poker. In fact, it ultimately encourages players to endure longer sessions.

How it differs from regular video poker is ultimately the bar top element. The only difference is that Bar Top Video Poker embeds into the top of a bar rather than being a free-standing machine. In a nutshell, that is it. 

However, you will also sometimes find that they offer better odds than a standard video poker machine. 

Where to Play Bar Top Video Poker?

This can be played at venues all around the world. You’ll regularly find them in casinos across the USA.

Of course, Las Vegas is the home of the Bar Top variant, with them in pretty much every bar and casino on the Strip. 

The Bellagio has a solid reputation for good odds and payouts at their Bar Top Video Poker machines. Whereas, Caesars and Harrah’s also have a good offering. 

Practice Bar Top Video Poker With Online Poker

If you are heading to Las Vegas or are thinking about playing BarTop Video Poker, then there’s nothing stopping you from getting in a bit of practice on the online video poker machines. 

As they operate in exactly the same way, it’s well worth signing up to an online casino. Also, having a few games to get a taste and even develop a bit of a strategy. 

You’ll find there are many ways to improve your video poker strategy, with this handy guide offering you plenty of insight

What are the Best Online Video Poker Sites?

These days, while online poker isn’t legal in many states, all the states that have legalized online casinos will have plenty of video poker options and variants.

Brands such as Caesars and Harrah’s are brilliant for it. While the likes of 888casino and Unibet have also developed impressive catalogs. 

For all the best online casinos operating in your state, head to our State of the Union page. It provides tons of info on the best places to play, whether you’re in New Jersey, Nevada, or anywhere in between.

What’s more, you’ll find plenty of casino reviews across our site, alongside dozens of fantastic welcome bonuses to get you started.