Understanding the Different Types of Tilts in Online Poker

Understanding the Different Types of Tilts in Online Poker

Tilts in online poker is pretty common but is ultimately something everybody wants to avoid. You may be aware of the general concept of tilting, but did you know there are many different forms, as well as plenty of ways to avoid it too!

Below you’ll find all you need to know about tilting, as well as how you can set yourself up to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of it.

What is a Tilt?

Of course, firstly, it’s important to understand exactly what tilt is. 

It’s a phenomenon across sport, where a player is playing badly or suffering a poor run of form due to their mental state.

Tilts in online poker is essentially that, letting your emotions get the better of you in a game that is reliant upon being cool, calm, and collected. Anger is often the emotion that leads players to tilt in poker, with players getting unhappy by bad losses or bluffs going wrong. It then tends to lead to chasing profits and in actual fact, simply gets worse.

Different Types of Tilt

There various types of tilt though, all sitting across the spectrum. Below you’ll find the several types of tilts in online poker:

Soft Tilt

This is one of the milder cases, where you are still picking up wins but not as often and clearly there are minor issues with your game.

Hard Tilt

This is when your mental state really takes control. You’ll start picking battles with players. Playing erratically and being aggressive at the wrong moments.

Winners Tilt

This is when you have a good run of winning and the endorphins kick in. A sense of invincibility kicks in, which is of course never good at the poker table.

Losers Tilt

A bad run can make players play more negatively to protect further losses, and ultimately miss opportunities which would get them back on track.

How To Avoid Tilting

There are a number of ways you can look to avoid the tilt and, in every instance,, it takes a strong mind to do so.

Firstly, preparation is key. Think about how you’ll play, develop a strategy, and get yourself in the zone to stick with that strategy. A few warm-up games in another online room could help with this, especially prior to an online tournament.

Additionally, you should also look to explore what causes your tilts. For example, you may not suffer at all when you’re winning, but rather have frustration when you suffer a bad beat. Take the steps to recognize where you suffer and then when a situation arises, take a step back and gather your thoughts. At this point, it may even be wise to sit out a few games.

Look to rationalize why you feel a set way and then calm your nerves and mind before making your next move. 

Play The Practice Tables

There’s a reason the top pros of any sport or game practice, practice, practice. That’s so when a situation does occur which may affect your mentality within the game, you’re fully prepared to take that on. 

There are dozens of great poker rooms around and most offer free play, ideal for practicing avoiding the tilt. Especially as some free players can indeed be very frustrating to play against. 

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