Texas Hold’Em Poker Mistakes To Avoid

Peter N
June 21, 2020

Poker is one of those games where you are ultimately the master of your own destiny. Sure, the cards you deal play a part, but it’s a game of skill that requires a real knack of the bluff and reading those around you. If you’re new to the game of poker and looking to play in one of the many online casinos around, then here are a few Poker mistakes to avoid:

Don’t Play Too Many Hands Pre-Flop

For new players especially, there’s a tendency for players to play every single hand before the flop, regardless of the cards you have.

Consider the cards you have and whether they really can make a game of it. For example, if you deal with a King and a nine, then you have a good case to move forward. In comparison, being dealt a seven and a three, suited or not, may require you to reconsider or face a very tricky betting round post-flop. 

Playing too many hands is an easy way to burn through your bankroll, so be savvier with your playing.

Don’t Act Too Quickly

Whether you have a time limit to make your decision or not, maximize the time you do have and think your actions through. 

A successful player will always take their time and think about the game more clearly. Don’t see an ace and jump straight in. Weigh up your options and consider the moves your opponents have made, how your hand looks. In addition, how your opponents are acting to get a clear picture and place a smart bet.

Don’t Stick With A Table You Don’t Like

In online poker, in particular, players have a habit of sticking in the same room, despite there being dozens of others to try. 

You may find an opposition player is placing bets erratically and it’s throwing your game. Don’t lose money because of this. Find a table where the atmosphere and tempo of play are more comfortable and suits you.

Additionally, once you have found a table you like, settle down with it as it could prove lucrative for you. 

Bringing Emotion Into The Equation

Being cool, calm, and collected at the poker table is essential. Even though you’re on a winning streak or a real baron spell. It is one of the biggest poker mistakes to avoid.

Both online and offline players can take advantage of you showing emotion. That’s why many players wear sunglasses at the table (in the case of offline, of course).

Bringing emotion into a game is more likely to see your bet irrationally, and ultimately lose your money. Only strategy or rational thinking should influence your betting decisions, as hard as that may be.

Poker provides a real mixture of highs and lows, but it’s integral for you to stay calm. If you don’t think that is possible, then the biggest mistake you can make is remaining at the table. Take a break and once calm, return to playing once again. 

Author Peter N