Horse Racing Picks

Horse Racing Picks

horse racing picks

There’s horse racing every day of the week so naturally we have an expert team watching everything that goes on. If you’re looking to start betting on horses, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Below you’ll find our free Horse Racing Picks every day plus betting tips, parlays, predictions from best horse racing experts and handicappers.

Latest Horse Racing Picks

For all our free horse racing picks for today, choose the racetrack you wish to find the latest predictions from and start betting!

You’ll find all the latest tips, as well as the best sportsbooks to play with, and how to do so!

Looking for other Sports Picks?

Every day, our team of expert tipsters prepares for you a selection of the best sports bets available. If you want to make some easy money, look now at what we have ready today:

You will find a wide selection of single bets and parlays to use on all the day’s action, while you can also bet without using your money by taking advantage of free bets offered by selected bookmakers. Sounds good right? So, what are you waiting for?

Horse Racing Betting Picks: Your Complete Guide

When we think of betting on the sport we undoubtedly think of horse racing. It’s the bread and butter of the betting world and has dozens of races to make a profit on each and every day.  If you’re new to gambling, then you’re going to want to start with horse racing. Below you’ll find all you need to know about betting on the sport…

We love horse racing here at Gambler Saloon and enjoy a punt on it whether it be huge races like the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, major overseas events like the Grand National, or simply day-to-day races in the US, Australia, the UK or the Middle East.

Read here how to bet on horse racing!

What Our Horse Racing Picks Offer

Our horse racing betting picks take in all our knowledge to provide you with the best odds and markets to enjoy. 

We really don’t miss a thing and have all major meets covered, not to mention extensive previews of festivals such as the Kentucky Derby, Cheltenham, the Belmont Stakes, and Preakness Stakes.

How We Make Our Horse Racing Predictions

We have a team of experts here at Gambler Saloon who virtually live and breathe horse racing. There’s very little they don’t know about the sport and before bringing you any predictions, they consider a large number of factors. 

Among the key factors includes:

  • Horse Form: Naturally, the current form of a horse plays a vital role in any predictions.
  • Course & Distance: How has a horse previously performed over the same distance, on the same course or both.
  • Against the Competition: How has a horse performed against the rest of the field previously?
  • Horse & Jockey: Has the horse ridden with the rider before and how successful have they been?
  • Conditions: What are the conditions and how have horses previously fared on it?
  • Trainer Success: Has a horse’s trainer had successes in the same race previously?
  • Inside Information: What are other pundits and tipsters saying about horses? Do other pundits have inside knowledge that we don’t?

Where To Find The Best Horse Racing Bookmakers

Every bookmaker in the world will have an expansive horse racing offering, so seeking out the best places to bet can be difficult.

Luckily for you, we know our stuff and will ensure you only get the very best from us.

We work with some of the world’s biggest bookmakers from the likes of TVG, TwinSpires, and BetAmerica.

On top of the best odds on horse racing, we’ll also deliver you the finest offers and betting promotions.

If sports betting is legal in your state, then we have a sportsbook for you. Our State of the Union page has tons of great sportsbooks, whether you’re looking for brands operating in New Jersey, such as bet365 NJ and Caesars, or Pennsylvania, Indiana, or West Virginia

Types of Horse Racing Betting We Cover

We do our best to appeal to all punters, so really so mix it up when it comes to the markets we cover.

We’ll bring you the best odds and value for every race and make sure you’re in with the best chance of winning.

Below you’ll find some of the more common markets we offer to punters, perfect for both experienced punters and beginners. Of course, we have a comprehensive guide on how to bet on horse racing.

Win Market

Betting on the win market in horse racing is simply betting on the horse that you think will win the race.

If it wins, you win. If it doesn’t, well, that’s game over.

Each Way Bet

Each-way betting is one of the most popular when it comes to horse racing as you don’t necessarily have to win the race to earn a payout.

An each-way bet will double your stake but also payout should your horse place in the race.

Forecast Betting

A forecast bet is a wager in which you try and predict the finishing positions of a race.

You’ll have to forecast first and second within a race in a market you’ll get some fantastic odds on.

To Finish Second

As well as betting on a winner or playing the forecast market, you can also bet on other positions such as finishing second or third.

This is another interesting market to play as you’ll get some nice odds and if you study the race card well enough can make educated predictions.

Other Markets & Combinations

Throughout the year there will be a number of other markets we’ll highlight as good value, particularly during festivals.

This will usually include markets backing owners scoring a certain amount of winners or accumulators worth backing across a full day of races.

Essentially if we see a market where we believe you can make a tidy profit, we’ll bring it to you.

Horse Racing Betting Offers & Promotions

Almost every day you’ll find amazing horse racing betting offers to range from enhanced odds, money back specials, and incredible free bets.

We’ll make sure you receive each and everyone from all the top bookmakers, that’s not to mention all the fantastic welcome bonuses we’ll bring you.

You’ll find quality offers in all our previews as well as heading over to our free bets and bonus page where we update our offers regularly.

We pride ourselves on our top-quality horse-racing tips, so bag a free bet, check out our predictions and grab yourself a nice payout today!

Horse Racing Picks FAQs

How do you bet on horses online?

Betting on horse racing is quite easy and convenient than wagering at the racecourse. Here is how it works:

  • Firstly, from the list of recommendations for sportsbooks for horse racing on our website, you have to choose one.
  • Then, log in to your online betting and select the race you are interested in.
  • Fill out your online betting slip. We recommend you to double-check it before you submit it to make sure everything is correct.
  • You can submit now and wait for the result.
  • If you win, the payout will be directly credited to your account.

    What are the different types of horse racing bets?

    There are many types of horse racing bets. These include:

    • Straight Bets – show, place or horses to win.
    • Exotic Bets – trifectas, exacta, superfectas, head-to-head bets, daily doubles, and many more.

    What type of bets is best for a rookie?

    Straight bets are the best choice for beginners. Among them, easiest to win are as follows: 

    • ‘Show’ bet – You need to correctly guess that a horse will finish in the first three.
    • ‘Place’ bet – To win, your horse needs to finish either first or second.

    The best thing about these bets is that you do not need to know which position it will come in. These bets will maximize the chance of winning a bet.

    Which are the popular racetracks in the US?

    America hosts some of the most exciting thoroughbred horse races in the world. Those include Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby, Breeder’s Cup, Travers Stakes, and many more. These are held at history tracks across the country.

    Here are some of the top racetracks in the US and our free picks for the track:

    What are the Triple Crown races in the USA?

    The Triple Crown race events are the biggest in the USA and are among the most bet on and watching horse races on the planet. 

    Three races make up the Triple Crown, and take place across May and June. These races are…

    • Kentucky Derby: This takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday in May each year. It started in 1875 and is ran over 1 ¼ mile. 
    • Preakness Stakes: This takes place at Pimlico Race Course in Maryland and is tan on the third Saturday in May. It predates the Kentucky Derby, staying in 1873, with a distance of 1 3/16 miles.
    • Belmont Stakes: The final Triple Crown race takes place three Saturdays following the Preakness and is held at Belmont Park in New York. It ran over 1 ½ mile and was inaugurated in 1867, making it the oldest of the Triple Crown events.

    Is horse betting profitable?

    You can make loads of money from horse racing; you just have to know what you’re doing. With a little bit of research about the horse, racetrack, and jockey, you have good chances of making money. What you need more? Help from the horse racing experts. We are here to help you out with that. Our gambling experts update the horse racing picks regularly and brings you the best chance of winning horse racing bets.

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