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November 14, 2022
foxbet super 6

Fox Bet has launched Super 6, a free-to-play prediction game offering football fans the chance to win one million dollars in prizes this week. The company clearly will be aiming to replicate the success of Sky Bet’s hit game “Super 6” on their brand new website

This competition has seen bettors all over the country having fun when it comes to NFL Sundays in particular. You will notice plenty of on-screen talent promoting the Super 6, with former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Terry Bradshaw being the frontman for the game during NFL Sundays across Fox television stations. The tagline is that you win free cash, but that it’s actually Terry’s cash.

It is not just Super 6 college football or the NFL that you can select to play. Super 6 is used for numerous different things, such as the NBA or even entertainment shows. So if you want something fresh instead of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tom Brady, or Patrick Mahomes, there are other options available.

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It is a free-to-play contest, with college football marquee matchups, regular college football season, and NFL games where you can predict scoring offense on Saturday’s game kick-off and Sunday’s game kick-off. All of this can help you win a lot of free cash. Look out for sports betting social media platforms who promote this free Fox Bet challenge.

Find below our Fox Bet Super 6 Picks and how to play it with no purchase necessary!

fox bet super 6

Fox Bet Super 6 Tips

Find below our Fox Sports Super 6 picks for the upcoming NFL games (take a look at our NFL picks this week)! Play for free for you chance to win $1,000,000!

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings

by 5-6

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Green Bay
by 3-4

Washington Football Team @ New York Giants

by 7-9

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

by 3-4

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

by 5-6

San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams

LA Rams

by 7-9

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NCAA Football Super 6 Picks

Foxbet’s NCAA Football Super 6 contest has $25k up for grab every week! Find our picks below:

Baylor @ Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State
by 5-6

Utah State @ San Diego State

Utah State
by 7-9

Georgia @ Alabama

by 7-9

Houston @ Cincinnati

by 10-14

Pittsburgh @ Wake Forest

by 5-6

Michigan @ Iowa

by 10-14

What Is Fox Bet Super 6?

Fox Sports Super 6 is a free-to-play sports prediction game for US customers, available through the app or the website The game challenges players to predict the outcome of six American football games throughout the whole NFL season for a chance to win even $1 million. No purchase necessary! There is over $100,000 up for grabs each week to players that correctly predict the outcome of six NFL Sunday games and college football games on Thursday and Saturday. They also have special Thursday Night Football contests with huge guaranteed loads of cash prizes throughout the whole NFL season!

The Stars Group already operates a similar service in the UK through its Sky Bet brand, with players able to predict the results of six football matches each week via Soccer Saturday Super Six. The service is run in partnership with Sky Sports.

As for Fox, which has invested $236 million for a 4.99% stake in TSG Interactive US Services Limited as part of the partnership, the free NFL game will help drive more eyeballs to the broadcaster’s live sports coverage. Fox Sports is already capable of reaching up to 100 million households per weekend.

The Fox Bet Super 6 app will heighten the excitement of watching live sports while simultaneously deepening our viewers’ engagement with our brand,”  Mark Silverman, Fox Sports’ president of national networks, said.

foxbet super 6

NFL Sunday Challenge

The most popular and biggest version of the Super 6 challenge occurs every Sunday, a regular slate of NFL week games. To become a winner, you will need to predict the outcomes of six of that Sunday’s games, which will all have been chosen by Fox Bet in advance. You can find tips and hints with parlay selections on sites with the latest news and quick predictions and forecasts. These will help you make your selections. As Fox Bet has already chosen the games, even if you are a fan of the New England Patriots or the Dallas Cowboys, you won’t have a say on which teams you are betting on.

This is an extremely hard competition to win. As well as predicting which team will win each game, you must also get the winning correct margin. There are multiple windows to choose from.

If you manage to hit on all six selections, you win the jackpot. The amount you can win varies each week; sometimes it will be $250,000, while it could also be a #StackTheCash round where the prize depends on the number of people who are playing. The more people play, unsurprisingly, the more cash is at stake when you enter this contest on six marquee games.

How To Play Fox Bet Super 6 NFL

To play Super 6 NFL, users simply choose who they think the winning team will be in 6 NFL Sunday games (or college football games) and the corresponding margin of victory within predefined ranges. In certain weeks, players are asked to answer six multiple-choice questions, giving them a chance to split thousands in guaranteed cash prizes.

Follow these simple steps and play for free the Fox Bet Super 6 in less than two minutes.


Download the FoxSports Bet App on your iOS or Android device through this link (or download the Super 6 app from the App Store)


Submit your free entry for a chance to win $1,000,000!
No purchase necessary!


Get all six picks right to win the $1,000,000 jackpot!
If nobody hits the jackpot, you can win thousands of dollars in guaranteed prizes.

foxbet no deposit free bet
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