Pick 3 Pennsylvania Lottery – How To Play

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July 21, 2019
pick 3 how to play

The lottery has arrived in Pennsylvania and with it has come a huge range of games to play, including the Pick 3. The game is easy to play and one of the more popular lottery games PA now has to offer. But what is it and how do you play Pick 3 Pennsylvania lottery? Here at Gambler Saloon we’ve created the ultimate guide of how to play Pick 3. Check our PA PICK 3 TODAY’S SMART PICKS!

What Is Pick 3 Pennsylvania Lottery?

Pick 3 Lottery is a relatively easy concept to understand and is your traditional lottery in which players must select three numbers and if they are drawn, you win!

In recent editions you can also select a Wild number/ball to boost your chances of winning. What this does is give you another chance to pick 3 correctly and be in with a chance to claim the $500 jackpot.

The Pick 3 is a daily game that offers a jackpot of $500 to players for matching the three numbers drawn and continues to be a popular game with punters.

You can win in a number of ways, with different combinations offering different payouts. These include:

Straight – To win you must select three digits in the exact order. This wins you $500 from a $1 bet and $250 from a $0.5 wager.

Box – Three correct digits, one paired and the other in any order will win you $160 from a $1 entry.

Box – Any three correct digits in any order will win you $80 from a $1 bet.

Front Pair – To win a front pair you must match the first two digits in exact order to win $50 from a $1 bet.

Back Pair – To win you must match the back two numbers of the combination in any order. This will also win you $50

Super Straight – A Super Straight combines all possible straight plays and wins you $500 from a $1 play.

Straight/Box – This will win you $250 for the Straight and $40 for the box if you combine Straight and box play.

How To Play Pick 3 PA Lottery

Playing Pick 3 can be done in just a few simple steps, which is naturally part of its charm. It’s so much simpler than the likes of online slots and other online casino games and can be played by taking the following steps…

1.    Take a Pick 3 playslip online or at your local lottery retailer
2.    Select a three digit number on up to five different panels
3.    Pick the type of number you wish to play, eg, Straight, Straight/Box, Super Straight, Front Pair, Back Pair
4.    Select the amount of money you wish to place on each game
5.    If you want to place a Wild number to increase your chances you can at this point
6.    Place your bets and look out for the results!

Where To Play Pick 3

You’ll find Pick 3 available at the official PA State Lottery website as well as in registered outlets across the state.

Daily results can also be found on the official website alongside answers to any questions you may have about combinations, how to play and more.

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