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August 23, 2019
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The Pennsylvania Lottery is a very successful game. This is thanks to the millionaire jackpots, payout organization and live drawings TV shows. Ticket sales began in 1972 and have distributed over $ 30 billion to charity until now. The PA Lottery is the only one in the US to distribute the proceeds to older residents. Currently around 60% is paid in winnings, around 30% in charity, and the remaining 10% for commissions and general expenses. Lottery management is entrusted to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

PA Lottery Top Games

The most successful games of the PA Lottery are the Match6 Lotto, the Cash5 and the Pick3. But even Scratch-Offs like Mega Millionaire, Wild Numbers and $ 3 Million Cash make mind-boggling sales. It is also possible to participate in multi-state lotteries and games such as Powerball, Cashforlife, and Megamillions. You can play online, follow the draws in live streaming and even sign up for the VIP Players Club to participate in the Second Chance promotion. Here is the complete list of currently available PA Lottery games:

  • PICK2
  • PICK3
  • PICK4
  • PICK5
  • CASH5
  • KENO

Read all about the PA iLottery and its 44 new online games.

At Gambler Saloon, we love playing PICK3 Evening. The game consists in guessing the three numbers (over a Wild number) that will be drawn each day live on TV and online streaming at 6:59 PM USA Est. Watch HOW TO PLAY PA PICK3 and our daily PA PICK3 SMART PICKS.

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Players must be 18 or older and must be located within Pennsylvania at the time of play. Please bet responsibly. Call 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) for help with a compulsive gambling problem.

PA Lottery Latest Stats

2018 was a very important year for the PA Lottery. After the introduction of the KENO the iLOTTERY PA was launched, with the possibility to play online interactive games and win prizes up to $ 250,000. Also in 2018, the Pennsylvania Lottery’s largest prize to date was won at Powerball jackpot of $ 273.9 million. 

In the fiscal year 2018-2019 the PA Lottery recorded a record of about $ 4.5 billion in sales, paying about $2.9 billion in winnings and about $1.2 billion to older Pennsylvanians. A total of 70 players won prizes of $1 million or more. More than 9,700 licensed Lottery retailers statewide earned an estimated $266 million in sales commissions.

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