How to Play Online Poker For Free

Peter N
July 16, 2020

Online poker is one of the biggest phenomenons in gambling. Certainly, it has transformed some players’ lives from average joe to WSOP star! However, if you’re new to online poker it can be tough to learn and make money along the way. In fact, whether testing new strategies, learning new variations, or picking up the rules of poker as you play, you can be more likely to lose as you play around. One way to avoid that is to play online poker for free

There are many ways in which you can do this. Below, you’ll find the various methods and where exactly you can play online poker for free.

How to Play Online Poker for Free

Among the best ways to start playing poker for free are by using the following methods:

Free Poker Sites

Most online poker sites will have free play available. Also, they are more accessible than money play in the USA due to state gambling laws across the country.

Brands such as PokerStars have a brilliant free play site, in which players are gifted a set number of chips which you then can play with.

Of course, the chips are worth no value and whether you win millions or lose you personally won’t gain or be down. If you are to lose all your chips, it’s simply a case of picking up some more.

It’s ideal for new players looking to learn the rules, with no consequences as you look to develop your gaming.

Online Poker Bonuses

As well as free play, there are plenty of poker bonuses available to the new players. In the same manner, you would a free spins bonus in online slots. 

Many poker sites and online casinos have welcome bonuses available to players, which usually are promotions such as 100% match bonuses. 

Therefore, if you were to make a first deposit of $50 you would receive a $50 free bet to play in the poker rooms. Of course, this does require you to make a deposit and usually play with your deposit before using your free bet. However, you will then have a free bet to play with, which can then be used to boost your bankroll or even just experiment with tactics and strategy.

Of course, in these instances, you must be in a state where online poker is legal. 

When to Play Poker for Free

There are many reasons in which you would look to play online poker for free, from being a beginner to an expert.

For beginners, it’s perfect, particularly free play sites as there’s no risk of losing your bankroll before you even have a feel of how to play.

While not as intense as real-money online poker rooms, they are a good place to gain an understanding of what they are like, how people engage with each other, and of course, learn the rules!

For more advanced players, free online poker is a place to develop a strategy. So, take your playing to the next level with multi-game playing. 

Where to Play Online Poker for Free

Looking to get started with online poker and play for free? 

Head over to our State of the Union page where you’ll find the best places to play in your state, as well as the best offers for you to sign up too!

Whether you want to play in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or beyond, we’ve got your covered! 

Author Peter N