Fantasy Madden Stream: How To Play At Draftkings

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April 5, 2020

America’s top Daily Fantasy Sports provider DraftKings has launched NFL simulated games. Games are being played using a Madden 2020 Stream, which uses rosters from the end of the 2019-20 season. Wanna play FREE Fantasy Madden Stream contests at Draftkings? Read here our guide!

Madden NFL Simulated Games

Legal US gambling operators are now featuring a new method of entertaining sports fans: streaming Madden NFL simulated games. That’s right; two computer-controlled teams face off using final 2019 season rosters on Madden 2020.

It was only a matter of time before popular sports games were going to pick up steam, and with the world sitting at home during a global pandemic, it has finally happened.

DraftKings are running free-to-play fantasy contests on these Madden 20 Stream simulated games with top managers winning real cash prizes!

How To Play Fantasy Madden Stream Contests?

Fantasy managers draft their lineup for a FREE Fantasy Madden 20 contest. Draftkings simulates the game and streams it live. Points are awarded for their selected players’ performances and the top managers win real cash prizes!

  1. Register a new DraftKings account for free via this special link

  2. Log in your account and go to ‘Daily Fantasy’ Tab

  3. Choose a Fantasy Madden contest and enter it

  4. Select 1 Captain and 5 FLEX while staying under the $50,000 salary cap.

  5. Scoring is the same as Football Showdown.

  6. Lineups will receive DFS points for players’ performance within the Sim Madden game.

  7. To view the live stream, go to the contest gamecenter on app or web when the contest starts.

How does Simulated Madden work?

DraftKings runs Simulated Football, CPU vs CPU, games using in Madden 20 Stream as ‘engine’. Each match is set with the following parameters:

  • Difficulty: All-Madden
  • Game Style: Arcade
  • Event Type: Exhibition
  • Even Teams: Off
  • Quarter Length: 6 minutes
  • Accelerated Clock: On
  • Play Clock: 20 seconds

How does Simulated Madden scoring work?

Lineups will receive fantasy points for players’ performances within the Simulated Madden game.

All lineups will receive points for the performance of their players within simulated football games, in accordance with DraftKings’single-game NFL Showdown Captain Mode rules and scoring.

Fantasy Madden Stream points will be updated at the end of each quarter.

Can I bet on Simulated Madden games?

Only offshore gambling sites are offering lines on computer simulated games. Current laws only allow legal operators to run fantasy football freerolls.

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