Easiest Game to Win on FanDuel Casino

Easiest Game to Win on FanDuel Casino

Looking to secure some easy dubs in the FanDuel casino app? Look no further, as this article will guide you through the most undemanding video slots and other titles available on this platform.

FanDuel Casino is a comprehensive iGaming website that is available in five states of the US: Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia. If you reside in one of these states and are at least 21 years old, you will be able to join FanDuel online casino with no issues.

The site was launched in 2020 and has grown to offer more than 200 casino games of all kinds and genres. No matter whether you love playing slots or prefer live dealer titles, the lobby of FD Casino got you covered. To have a head start, you can register at the online casino via our special link and get a bonus worth up to $2,500: you won’t even need to enter a special FanDuel slots promo code to get it.

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FanDuel online casino is extremely appealing to beginners, but if you’re a first-time player, it is important to choose easy titles at first. Many aspiring gamblers choose advanced FanDuel casino slots that are designed for experienced users and end up losing their funds and leaving disappointed. In order to prevent that from happening, make sure to follow this guide, as our team has thoroughly tested the lobby and carefully picked the easiest titles to start your iGaming journey and win at FanDuel.

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FanDuel Game Library

In total, the library of FanDuel Casino comprises more than 200 different titles. Slot games make up the largest portion of this collection, but there are a ton of other games you can enjoy there too. The main categories offered on the website include:

The library of the FanDuel online casino is extremely comfortable to navigate through, as all the titles in it are categorized properly. It is a massive advantage for beginners because you will never fail to find the activities you prefer there.

The lobby is composed of titles by eleven different software providers, and the list includes some major names in the industry. The most notable developers available there are:

It would be fair to say that the lobby universally appeals to all players. It simultaneously offers easy and intuitive games, titles with comprehensive advanced mechanics, various table games, and some of the best slot games in the entire online casino industry.

Moreover, there is a free spins bonus always available for online slot games, making it even easier to win. The bonuses are available for multiple free spin slot machines, so you’ll be able to stick with FanDuel Casino slots you enjoy the most.

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FanDuel Easiest Casino Game to Play

Finding the easiest title in the collection of FanDuel Casino is trickier than it might sound. The games in the lobby are divided into categories, but it is not possible to filter out only easy games or sort them by advanced features. If you choose to play FanDuel slots, you cannot know in advance which of them are easy, and which ones should be played by experienced users.

While performing this research, our team has focused on two main aspects of the games. We decided that for a title to be considered easy, it should be both intuitive to play and as effortless to win as possible.

With this in mind, we had to filter out some games that require significant preparation. For instance, we have ruled out all table games that need the player to know various combinations and advanced mechanics.

As a result of this research, we have decided that the easiest options for beginners are:

It was important for our team to only include online slots that are easy to learn, so we have also ensured all the games mentioned today have built-in guides and instructions. Thus, even if the online slots seem to be confusing, you’ll always be able to look up the details without closing the online casino website.

FanDuel Casino

  • Wide game selection
  • Amazing slots collection
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Which Games Are Easier to Win on FanDuel?

The four categories of games we decided to shoot for are perfect for beginners. With all these games, it is either possible to start playing them right away, or it does not require more than a minute to comprehend the basic rules and mechanics involved in the process.

Choosing a classic slot game as your first experience is always a great idea. These titles rarely feature any advanced mechanics, and all you need to do is to spin the machine. Classic slots do not have too many symbols, so even first-time players will be able to comprehend the mechanics and generate some winnings.

But as their name implies, classic machines are old, and some of them are outdated by modern standards. If you’re already confident with them and feel like you are ready to play slots on the next level, we would recommend low-variance slot titles. A low variance means that it will be easier to match winning combinations, and you’ll also be able to explore some advanced features.

We are also adding roulette to our list, and we can explain why. Even though the betting layout may look extremely confusing to a newcomer, the concept is still very easy to comprehend. If you have never seen a round of roulette in your life, you will nevertheless instantly understand the red and black betting options.

Aside from slot games and roulette, we can also recommend exploring the specialties FanDuel Casino has to offer. Some of them are designed around a single mechanic, making them intuitive and beginner-friendly.

FanDuel Casino Top Games

Top 5 Games to Win Real Money on FanDuel Casino

For you to have a smooth start at FanDuel Casino, we have selected the five easiest games you can play and win today.

Triple Red Hot 777

The very first title we would like to suggest was developed by International Game Technology (IGT). It is a perfect option to play online slots for the first time, as it:

Triple Red Hot 777 is one of the classic slot machines that are not getting crazy with additional features, bonus rounds, and other advanced mechanics. All you can see on the screen is a large grid on which you have to match the combinations, and all you can do is enter the sum of your bet and hit the spin button.

You will be able to understand the rules the first time you launch this game, but what’s even more important, you will be able to win right away. The Return To Player value of this slot reaches 98%, which is significantly above average. The house edge here is small, so you’ll have a decent chance of racking up some winnings.

This is one of the FanDuel casino games that will always be great for beginners. Even with such basic mechanics, this online slot is exciting and easy to win.

Triple Red Hot 777

Blood Suckers 2

Next on the list, we have Blood Suckers 2, which is one of the most recognizable video slots by NetEnt and one of the best FanDuel slots on the entire website. We have added this machine because:

If you’re ready to move on from classic games and you’re on your way to becoming a true slot enthusiast, Blood Suckers 2 is your perfect option. It combines rather comprehensive advanced mechanics with high chances of winning, while also keeping the experience fairly intuitive.

In most rounds, you will hit the basic symbols with low payouts, but the bonus round feature makes it worth grinding this game. If you manage to roll out three or more bonus symbols on consecutive reels, you’ll enjoy a barrage of free spins rounds enhanced by several additional mechanics.

The RTP value of Blood Suckers 2 is 96.94%, which is slightly lower than the first game on our list, but we’re sure the thrilling experience of this title makes it worth checking out.

Blood Suckers II

Skadi’s Hunt

Skadi’s Hunt is the last slot title in our selection, but it is definitely not the least likely to win on FanDuel. This slot game was created by IGT, although it is not even close to the previous title from this provider. Themed with Norse mythology, this game is noticeably more advanced. We have included it today because:

In case you’re only learning to play slots, we recommend going through these three machines in order: play Triple Red Hot 777 first, then move on to Blood Suckers 2, and finally get to Skadi’s Hunt. This slot pays well and is fairly easy to play, but you will need to know the basics to have a comfortable experience with it.

Skadi’s Hunt is not one of the progressive jackpot machines, but it has a decent fixed prize pool you can try your luck with. One of the game’s mechanics enables you to win 10,000 times your initial bet, which is pretty decent. The RTP value of Skadi’s Hunt is also more than appropriate, as it reaches 96.18%.

Skadi's Hunt

Roulette Red or Black

Now that we’ve covered three online slot machines available at FanDuel Casino, it is time to move on to a different genre. The reasons we have decided to choose roulette for this selection are:

In case you’ve never heard about roulette before, this classic table game is played with a multi-sectioned wheel, where each section has a number and a color assigned to it. Every round the croupier launches a ball that ends up landing in one of these sections. As a player, you will need to predict the outcome, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

The best point about roulette is the learning curve it offers. As a beginner, you can stick to betting on red and black or odd and even results, but as you get more comfortable with the game, you can try more advanced and riskier betting options.

At FanDuel Casino, you will be able to play both RNG versions of roulette against a computer and live dealer editions of the title with real human croupiers. We recommend trying out roulette in demo mode before placing real money bets.

Roulette Red or Black

Casino War

Last on the list, we have Casino War, which is a fairly popular specialty game at FanDuel Casino. Our team has included it in this selection because:

We also wanted to make our selection appealing to different groups of players. In case you prefer not to play FanDuel Casino slots, you might be interested in trying out a unique title like Casino War.

It is a card game, but unlike poker or blackjack, you won’t have to learn any rules or combinations in order to play it and generate some winnings. The actual gameplay process is extremely intuitive. You place a bet, and two cards are drawn and laid out on the table: one for you and one for the house. If your card has a higher value than the card of the house, you win and double your bet.

Even though the game wears out fairly quickly, it still provides a thrilling experience. It is a great option to take a break from playing your favorite slot game.

Casino War

Cheap Online Slots and Other Games to Play on FanDuel

It is natural for beginners to start small, so don’t worry if you’re not willing to spend a ton of cash and place bets in bulk when you join FanDuel Casino. The website has some beginner-friendly titles with low minimum bet requirements.

The first way to play casino games with a small budget is to choose penny slots. These games are popular at online casinos like FanDuel, as they allow you to have a full experience with the minimum funds required. Some of the best penny slots we can suggest are:

After exploring these exciting slots, you can move on to table games: some of them are also perfectly suitable for playing with a small deposit. If you’re looking for titles that are both easy and cheap, we suggest the following titles:

RNG variations of the games above will surely suit a low-budget player, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can try out live dealer versions of these titles. Playing with a human dealer is thrilling and the experience is realistic, although the minimum and maximum bet limits are usually higher in live lobbies.

Harder Slot Games to Win on FanDuel Casino

If you feel you’ve already mastered all the titles we have suggested today, we’ve got something else for you. Thankfully, FanDuel Casino has some advanced games you can enjoy as well.

With online slot games, a title is considered advanced if it has many additional mechanics and extra features like free spins bonus rounds. If you decide to legally play online slots like these as a beginner, it would be hard for you to understand what’s going on on the screen. But for a mature player, this is the only interesting way to play slots online. The advanced and bonus features that might be available in a game are:

After performing a thorough FanDuel slots review, we can recommend the following advanced online slots:

If you’re not up for playing some real money slots but still want to have a comprehensive experience, there are many table games you can check out. Unlike the titles we mentioned earlier today, some games in this category have advanced betting options and require deep knowledge of the rules and combinations. Some examples of advanced table games that you can play at FanDuel Casino are:

How to Turn Profit at FanDuel Casino – Tips & Tricks to Play Slots and Other Games

FanDuel Casino

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  • Amazing slots collection
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Most of the games we have mentioned today are easy to win, but at the same time, turning a profit may be significantly more challenging for an inexperienced player. If you’re done playing slots and other games for fun and are ready for some big hits, make sure to stick around for our tips & tricks.

First of all, we have three tips for those who play FanDuel slots:

  1. Try the demo mode first.
  2. Make many small bets rather than a few big ones.
  3. Choose the best slots with high RTP values.

Trying the demo versions will enable you to learn the mechanics in advance and let you feel more comfortable with the slot machine. Placing many small bets will increase your chances to hit a free spins feature or, with jackpot slots, to hit the prize pool. Lastly, playing the best FanDuel slots with high-RTP values will ensure a decent performance in the long run.

With table games, the situation is slightly different. All the titles in this category are different, so each one of them requires a unique approach. The good news is that for almost every popular table game, it is easy to find an extremely efficient strategy that will allow you to boost your performance.

Another great idea to have a head start with slot machines on this platform is to get a free spins bonus offered by FanDuel Casino. It is a risk-free option to try some new slot machine titles on the website and win some money at the same time.

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Which FanDuel games are the easiest to play?

Traditionally, classic slot machine titles are considered easy to play, as they have few mechanics and features. Alternatively, table games like roulette and specialties like Casino War are beginner-friendly as well.

How can I win easy money at the FanDuel casino?

The easiest way to win some cash at FanDuel Casino is to play slot machines with low volatility. The winnings won’t likely be huge, but they will be frequent and easy to generate.

Which FanDuel game has the highest RTP?

The game with the highest RTP value that is currently available in the FanDuel Casino app is Pixies of the Forest 2 by IGT. Its Return To Player value reaches 98.83%, and it is the favorite slot game of many experienced players.

What FanDuel games are not suited for beginners?

Some progressive jackpot games and FanDuel Casino slots with advanced additional mechanics might be too hard for beginners. The same applies to some table games with bonus rounds and modified rules like poker and blackjack.

Can I win on FanDuel with only $10?

Yes, $10 will be enough to play some penny slots, place wagers in some FanDuel Casino table games, or even opt-in for a couple of rounds in the live dealer lobby. Most FanDuel online slots have small minimum betting sums, so you will be able to enjoy them even with low deposit limits.