Easiest Game to Win on DraftKings Casino

Easiest Game to Win on DraftKings

Before you join DraftKings, there is no better resource than knowing the easiest game to win on their casino – some pay over 10,000x your stake!

DraftKings has one of the most popular online casinos in the US and is available for residents of CT, MI, NJ, PA, and WV. If you love game variety then DraftKings is the right platform as you can play over 700 different titles including online slots, table games, live dealer games, video poker, jackpots, and more.

To get you kick-started and enjoying that epic game catalog, new US customers can also claim a brilliant welcome offer of a 100% deposit bonus of up to $2000. So if you deposited $100, you would get an extra $100 in bonus cash – think of all the games you could play with that!

While this casino has hundreds of games and a brilliant welcome bonus, DraftKings also gives you plenty of chances to win real money and make a profit and I am to explain how below.

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I have looked at and played many DraftKings casino slots and table games to find out which ones payout and combined this with a heap of strategy and info so you can make the most of your money and hopefully win some big prizes! This is imperative as simply put – some games are better than others, and some give you a better chance of winning! If FanDuel Casino is more to your liking, we’ve written about the easiest casino games on FanDuel as well.

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DraftKings Game Categories

One of the things I love the most about DraftKings online casino is the brilliant range of casino games. They feature over 800 titles from reputable software developers and the main categories include:

If you love slot machines then you have hundreds of titles to play including standard slot machines and progressive jackpots. Examples of popular slot machines include Assassin Moon, Blood Suckers II, 300 Shields Extreme, and Wheel of Fortune.

DraftKings Casino Games

Their progressive jackpots have some epic prize pools and games like 88 Fortunes, Action Jack, and Age of Conquest have prizes spanning into the millions. At the time of writing this, the Bonanza jackpot prize was $2.8 million for example!

They also have a good selection of classic table games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps and most of these are available in live dealer variants too. I love the DraftKings official games too like their Basketball Blackjack. These have a fun sports theme and offer something different compared to standard Blackjack.

Easiest Game to Play on DraftKings Casino

Before we look at the easiest game to win on DraftKings casino it’s also important for new players to have a range of simple games that are easy to play. I rate classic online slot games like Red White & Blue and similar classic slots as the easiest games to play at DraftKings.

Classic slots like Red White and Blue from IGT are essentially like old fruit machines and have basic game mechanics and in most instances, no special symbols or bonus features. This means you don’t have to learn an extensive paytable or game rules to play or understand how complicated bonus features work.

Red White & Blue, for example, has just 1 pay line and the pay table is shown above the 3-reel layout. There really is nothing to this classic slot and all you have to do is set your bet value and spin! If you want a simple starting game before you move to the highest-paying slots, this is my pick.

DraftKings Red White and Blue

Games That are Easier to Win on DraftKings

While some games are easy to play, there are a few game categories that are easier to win at too and these include:

Online slot games with a combo of high RTP and low variance are great if you want to make consistent lower-value wins. Low variance means you will get frequent small payouts while the higher RTP means you will make more of your money back in the long run.

Blackjack with both single-hand and multi-hand variants can yield consistent results too due to the higher RTP of 99%+. These games do require knowledge of strategies and when to perform different actions, but if you take the time to learn these you can be successful.

DraftKings Rocket is also a brilliant “crash” game with a high RTP of 97%. We explain it in more detail below but you are essentially betting on when the rocket explodes. You can get consistent wins with the auto bail feature and using lower multipliers.

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5 Best Games to Win Real Money on DraftKings Casino

As listed above, some games simply give you a better chance of winning money at DraftKings Casino. This could be due to a smaller house edge, low minimum bet values, low variance gameplay, or a high number of pay lines and special features for example. To that end, I have selected five of the best games DraftKings casino offers where you have a great chance of winning money.

DraftKings Rocket

DraftKings Rocket Game

DraftKings Rocket is an in-house game with a unique premise unlike any DraftKings casino slots or table game. You are betting on the outcome of a rocket launch and when it explodes.

You play your bet, watch the rocket launch, and then bail before you think it’s going to explode. The longer the rocket survives, the higher the multiplier and your winnings. The game is incredibly fun and you are playing with other gamblers too so it has a nice community feel.

Rocket has some cool features like auto play and an auto bail option that can help increase your chances of winning. For example, you could set the auto bail at 1.2x to make consistent payouts. With a 97% and some potential for high payouts, this is certainly a game where you can make bank.

πŸš€DraftKings Rocket
🎲TypeArcade Game
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»Software DeveloperDraftKings
πŸ’΅Minimum Bet$1.00

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers

I always go back to Blood Suckers from NetEnt and it’s just one of the best slot games to play for easy wins on DraftKings.

The big draw for this slot title is the 98% RTP – you just don’t see that high RTP with modern slot titles. Together with the low minimum bet options, and the low variance gameplay and you have an instant winner.

The theme is all about vampires and the undead and in the background, you can hear spooky sound effects and music. The game has 25 fixed pay lines and only a couple of bonus games including free spins. Essentially, you have a slot title that is easy to play, uncomplicated, and pays out small amounts frequently – what more could you want?

🎰Blood Suckers
🎲TypeSlot machine
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»Software DeveloperNetEnt
πŸ’―RTPUp to 98.00%
πŸ’΅Minimum Bet$0.25

Multi-Hand Blackjack

DraftKings Multi-Hand Blackjack

Multi-Hand Blackjack from IGT allows you to play with up to three hands at once and I like the low minimum bet value per hand of $1. This means that you can essentially play the game like a single-hand run too.

This is a game better suited for intermediate gamblers and it is vital that you have an understanding of the rules, the side bets, and blackjack strategies. It is possible to make consistent returns, but you do need to make an effort to boost your blackjack knowledge to play smart and win on DraftKings Casino.

πŸƒMulti-Hand Blackjack
🎲TypeTable Game
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»Software DeveloperIGT
πŸ’΅Minimum Bet$0.25

White Rabbit

DraftKings White Rabbit

I love the graphics and theme of White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming and it’s a really vibrant Megaways slot machine based on Alice in Wonderland. You have nice fairytale music in the background and the symbols represent different characters like tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

To give you consistent wins and a chance to turn a profit this slot machine has an ultra-high 97.72% RTP and low bet values of as little as $0.10. This means you can stretch your DraftKings Casino money out further and have a greater chance of hitting the bonus round and winning free games. You, of course, have the Megaways slots varying paylines too which gives you plenty of potential winning combos.

🎰White Rabbit Megaways
🎲TypeMegaways Slot
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»Software DeveloperBig Time Gaming
πŸ’΅Minimum Bet$0.10

Medusa Megaways

Medusa Megaways

Medusa is one of the highest RTP Megaways slots and with an above-average RTP of 97.63%, you have an excellent chance of winning when playing it for money on DraftKings Casino. Combine this with the Megaways paylines and cascading reels feature and you can easily get multiple winning combos from one spin.

This game has exciting bonus rounds, dramatic background music, and a fun theme based on Greek mythology. I love the crisp graphics too and the reel animations are really smooth. Out of all the DraftKings slot games, Medusa has some of the best atmosphere and immersion.

🎰Medusa Megaways
🎲TypeTable Game
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»Software DeveloperIGT
πŸ’΅Minimum Bet$0.25

Why Are These Games Easier to Win on DraftKings?

You may be wondering why the games I selected above are easier to win than other online slot games and table games. There are several key factors that contribute to the likelihood of winning and these include:

RTP is a big factor to consider as this denotes the theoretical amount you should get back after playing a game for a while. The closer to 100%, the less you lose – simple. Basically put, games with a higher RTP give you a better chance of winning. If you combine this with low bet amounts then you can make your money last longer, and hopefully hit some bigger wins.

Variance is also a key metric to be considered with RTP. Variance states the frequency and volume of wins. At one end of the spectrum, you have low-variance games that pay out often in smaller amounts while at the opposite end, you have high-variance games that pay out larger amounts infrequently on DraftKings.

It is possible to make money with high variance DraftKings casino slots with a high RTP like White Rabbit, but it is more of a gamble.

Lastly, games like DraftKings Rocket and Blackjack have an element of strategy and skill. Ultimately the outcome of card pulls and when the rocket explodes is luck, but you can improve your odds and chances of winning by learning the games, understanding strategies, and playing smart.

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Games that are Cheap to Play on DraftKings

Not everyone is comfortable spending large sums of money per bet or spin – I get that. Luckily, most DraftKings casino slots and games have a minimum bet value of $1. This means you can easily control your bankroll and keep playing for longer.

However, there are some games that allow you to spend even less and these are commonly known as penny slot games. Traditionally, penny slots can be played with as little as 1 cent. DraftKings online casino doesn’t have any of these, but it has a selection of games you can play for less than $0.50 per spin:

These are all slot machines and my favorite is The Elephant Gang. This popular slot game has a low minimum bet value of $0.20 and a fun theme based on elephant mobsters (yes you read that right!).

I love the bizarre thought of elephants dressed up in mob attire and carrying violin cases with Tommy guns in them! You can win up to 200 free spins playing this slot machine and it has some fun bonus features and symbols too.

DraftKings The Elephant Gang

Although you are only spending small amounts per spin, these cheap DraftKings slots allow you to play for much longer and thus increase your chances of hitting those bigger jackpot wins in the long run.

Games that are Harder to Win on DraftKings

While there are loads of amazing games with great payouts, simple game mechanics, and high RTPs, some DraftKings casino games simply aren’t suited for beginners and are known to be much harder to win at, these include:

I completely understand the allure of progressive games – we all want to hit that epic jackpot. However, the chance of you winning it is incredibly small. Not only that, but the RTP percentages of progressive slots are often lower than standard DraftKings slots.

Both Roulette and Blackjack can payout great and lead to a profit, but this depends on how you play and your experience. For example, trying to win using straight bets on Roulette gives you incredibly small odds of 1/36 to win. Sure, you may get lucky, but in the long run, it’s a losing strategy.

This holds true for most table games and you are only going to be successful if you understand the game rules and have some basic knowledge of strategies and how to play smart.

I generally stay away from Keno games too at DraftKings as the RTP is much lower compared to slot games and table games, typically at around 85-92%.

Tips and Strategies to Turn Profit at DraftKings Casino Games

Unfortunately, I don’t have a steadfast strategy to make you rich at DraftKings Casino. No one does, and anyone claiming to have all the answers is lying. Ultimately, there is a large element of luck when playing at online casinos.

You can turn the odds in your favor though and play sensibly, and I have listed some simple tips below on how to do this at the DraftKings casino app.

Always use the minimum bet amount

I’ve made the mistake before of burning through my bankroll quickly by playing games with high bet values. Of course, this can result in some big wins, but you will run out of cash much quicker.

Therefore, by playing with the minimum possible bet value you can make your money last longer. The longer you play, the more chance you have of hitting jackpot wins too on DraftKings slots.

Make use of welcome bonuses and promotions

DraftKings has a cool welcome bonus where you get a matched deposit bonus of up to $2000. Make sure you claim this welcome offer and any other weekly or daily promotions you can! You can use the bonus funds to play more games and try to hit some big wins without immediately burning through your own deposit money.

Try demo versions of the games first

I always try a demo mode of casino games first and DraftKings casino has demos for most of its games. You can play for free and get accustomed to the game, the controls, and the rules. This reduces the chance of making errors when you play and also allows you to look at things like bonus features and minimum bet values.

Understand the implication of RTP and variance

RTP and variance are two of the most important factors for winning money with online casino games.

RTP = Return to Play Percentage. This is a percentage of how much you should win back when playing a game over time. For example, Mega Joker is an online slot game with an RTP of 99%. This means if you spent $100, you should expect to get back $99 or make a $1 loss. Simply put, games with a higher RTP are easier to win.

Variance denotes the frequency and volume of wins. Low-variance games pay out frequently, but the value is usually low. At the other end of the spectrum, high-variance games pay out infrequently, but with a higher value and a greater chance of jackpot wins.

This is why low variance slots with a high RTP are considered the easiest game to win on DraftKings casino. But if you want to win big on DraftKings Casino, high variance games might be your suit.

Only wager your winnings

A strategy I often employ is to only gamble with my winnings. This means that I never burn through my deposit money and don’t have to keep topping up my account.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that you can do this, but it is a possible strategy, especially with table games like Blackjack and Roulette. This is commonly done for sports betting too and it can really help control your spending and make sure you are at least breaking even.


Which DraftKings games are easiest to win money?

Low-variance slot games with a high RTP are the easiest to win money as you should be expected to receive regular payouts of a low value. With an average RTP of 99.62%, classic Blackjack also pays out frequently providing you have a basic understanding of the game rules. Using outside bets on European or American Roulette also yields many wins due to the near 50/50 odds.

What game has the highest RTP on DraftKings?

The online slot game with the highest RTP on DraftKings is Mega Joker from NetEnt. This has a maximum theoretical RTP of 99% which is much higher than most DraftKings slots. For table games, classic Blackjack has the highest RTP of around 99.62% so titles like DraftKings Classic Blackjack are a good choice.

Which DraftKings game is easiest to play?

I recommend online slots as the easiest types of games to play at DraftKings. These games require no knowledge of things like card rules, hands, and different bet types. All you have to do is select your bet value and hit the spin button. It’s advisable to read the info though and the paytable so you can understand any bonus games and the different symbols.

Which games aren’t suited for beginners on DraftKings?

Progressive jackpot slots aren’t great for beginners due to their lower RTP compared to other online slot machines. I advise staying away from classic table games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat too unless you are familiar with the rules. If you have never played these games before, you may make miss-plays and end up losing situations that an experienced player would win.

On what DraftKing games can I win with just $20?

Virtually all the games at DraftKings casino can be played with stakes much less than $20. In fact, most of the games have a minimum bet value of $1. If you play DraftKings slots with a decent RTP of 96% or higher you should be able to win with $20. There is also a range of penny slot games like The Elephant Gang that allow you to bet with as little as $0.20.