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July 2, 2023
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If you are new to BlackJack and are firmly in the amateur category, you may want to get started with a BlackJack trainer so the next time you head to Las Vegas, you have a strategy in place. Since online gambling has launched in the US, many people have tried to put that BlackJack strategy to practice, they can learn pro BlackJack and make some huge winnings while playing online.

The BlackJack Strategy Trainer to win cash playing blackjack is a mix of different strategies that are often used separately. First of all, you have to carefully choose which casino to play with, then you have to learn card counting to vary the bets and use the right blackjack basic strategy card in the best way. Last, you have to size the bankroll to passively endure the negative sequences and finally attack the house hard at the right time.

This article highlights everything from a basic BlackJack strategy, BlackJack rules, a BlackJack basic strategy trainer, and how to approach the BlackJack game playing online. Here’s how and where to play online blackjack and win real money!

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Casino, Online or Live Dealer BlackJack?

When you play blackjack online, all you need to get started is a pc or your smartphone and start playing. You no longer have to worry about the travel expenses to go to a land-based casino, and you don’t have to think about tipping your dealer. Playing online allows you to save a lot of money! Another aspect that many gamblers appreciate when they play blackjack online is the amount of games and rules variations (American, European, unlimited, surrender, exchange, etc..) more than any traditional land-based casino could offer.

Lots of online casinos now have a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices. These can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your device and allow bettors to participate in BlackJack tournaments on remotely. Having a grasp of a basic strategy trainer before you start playing on a BlackJack app will improve your chances of success.

As you will see below, there are mathematical blackjack strategies that help you to increase the chances of winning. All those strategies work better in the online environment because you can play 100-200 hands per hour instead of the 50-100 hands average of the physical table. Furthermore, playing online blackjack enables players to keep and read notes in order to fine-tune their gambling strategies.

Online casinos today are offering Live Dealer Casino games. This means that you can play with a real live dealer, real table, and cards – through a web camera – but all from the comfort of your home.
So you can see the dealer shuffling decks of cards and dealing, and you can interact with the dealer and/or with the pit boss if it needs. You can also chat with other players at the table as well as you can play using your smartphone. In terms of trust and strategy, playing Live Dealer Blackjack is the best way.

That’s why Live Dealer Blackjack is becoming more and more popular!
Please read our BlackJack Cards Counting complete guide. To count, it’s easy!
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Where to Play using the Blackjack Strategy Trainer

Here is a selection of our highest recommended and most trusted Online casinos where you can try the complete blackjack basic strategy and start earning real money! We only list legal gaming sites that are in compliance with US online gambling law.

  • Golden Nugget Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Borgata Casino
  • FanDuel Casino
  • DraftKings Casino
  • SugarHouse Casino

All of the sites above offer numerous variations of the classic table game. These include American BlackJack and European BlackJack.

The secure websites we’ve recommended have the best payouts, the most competitive odds, a great variety of games, and free money bonus promotions.

You can use a No Deposit Bonus Casino or a Free Spins No Deposit, which means to play without risking your money. Want to know more? Contact us!

BlackJack Strategy Trainer – Basics

Do you know what all blackjack players have in common? Well, very often, players forget to follow the blackjack basic strategy. We are talking about a mathematically proven strategy that gives you the best advantage to the house. Unlike any other casino game, when playing blackjack, your decisions contribute to the wins or losses.

Knowing when to make the correct move by having a detailed strategy chart will help you overcome the house odds. There is no perfect blackjack strategy as some aspects may suit certain players over others. However, understanding a basic strategy table and looking into some details stats can help you to make an informed decision.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Card

If you are a real money blackjack player, you have to study, learn and use the blackjack basic strategy card.

The bulk of the basic strategy is common to all multi-deck blackjack games, but to have the best odds, you need to check the table rules and get the right card for them.

Using the blackjack basic strategy card the casino’s edge is reduced from 2.5% to 0.5% only!

Contact us to get the strategy card suited to your casino’s blackjack table rules.

blackjack basic strategy

Another way to use the blackjack basic strategy card is to translate the chart into plain text that explains how to play each of your two-card starting hands against the dealers up card.

How to Play Hard Hands

Hard Hands are two starting cards that do not contain an Ace.
If you have 8 or less, always Hit.
9: Double if the dealer has 3 thru 6 – otherwise Hit.
10: Double if the dealer has 2 thru 9 – otherwise Hit.
11: Double if the dealer has 2 thru 10, Hit if dealer has Ace.
12: Hit if the dealer has 2 or 3, Stand if the dealer has 4 thru 6, otherwise Hit.
If you have 13 – 16: Stand if the dealer has2 thru 6, otherwise Hit.
If you have 17 – 21: Always Stand.

How to Play Soft Hands

Soft Hands are two starting cards that contain an ace.
If you have A+2 or A+3: Double if the dealer has 5 or 6 – otherwise Hit.
If you have A+4 or A+5: Double if the dealer has 4 thru 6 – otherwise Hit.
A+6: Double if the dealer has 3 thru 6 – otherwise Hit.
A+7: Stand if the dealer has 2, 7 or 8. Double 3 thru 6 – otherwise Hit.
If you have A+8 or A+9: Always Stand.

How to Play Pairs

If you have a pair of Aces or 8s: Always split.
If you have a pair of 2s or 3s: Split if the dealer has 2 – 7, otherwise Hit.
4s: Split if the dealer has 5 or 6, otherwise Hit.
5s: Double if the dealer has 2 thru 9 – otherwise Hit.
6s: Split if the dealer has 2 thru 6 – otherwise Hit.
7s: Split if the dealer has 2 thru 7 – otherwise Hit.
9s: Split if the dealer has 2 thru 6, and 8 or 9. Stand if the dealer has 7, 10 or Ace.
If you have a pair of 10s: Always Stand.

The bulk of the above blackjack basic strategy is common to all multi-deck games. If you want to have the best possible chance at winning money, you need to check the table rules and get the strategy card for them. Table’s rules that can influence the blackjack basic strategy are:

  • The number of decks
  • If the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17 (a hand with an Ace)
  • Limitations on when the player may split, double or double after split
  • If the dealer “peeks” to check for a blackjack
  • If the player is allowed to surrender / early surrender

Contact us to get the strategy card suited to your casino’s blackjack table rules.

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blackjack card counting

BJ Card Counting

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Sounds good? Believe us, it does!

Blackjack Strategy Trainer – Advanced

BlackJack Basic Strategy Card is not enough! You need to add other advanced strategies as Cards Counting and Bankroll Management, to attack the house hard. You have also to carefully choose which online casino to play with. Here’s how and why.

BlackJack Basic Strategy with Cards Counting

You may have seen the movie 21, which involves becoming a pro card counter, and thought it is something you could attempt to replicate. The blackjack cards counting system is used to understand if the next hand will be favorable to the dealer or the player by tracking all the cards that have been dealt. Players should bet less when the casino has the advantage and more when the cards are in his favor. It is about knowing the running count as the dealer deals new cards.

In Blackjack, it is good for the player when there are more Aces and 10 Cards (10s, Js, Qs, and Ks) because BJ is paid 3:2. Furthermore, the house can bust more easily with high cards around. On the contrary, the dealer has an advantage if there are many low cards and he is forced to hit with 12-16.

A good cards counter playing with the right blackjack basic strategy card can have up to 2% advantage over the house!

Please read our BlackJack Cards Counting complete guide. To count, it’s easy!

How to Bet on BlackJack Insurance

The blackjack basic strategy tells us that betting on insurance is wrong. Actually, taking insurance is a bad bet if the count is negative (low cards). But if the true count is positive (high cards), insurance could be a good bet.
That’s a good rule to remember!

Bankroll for the BlackJack Strategy Trainer

Even with perfect play, it takes a large bankroll and sometimes many hours of play to see a significant profit from this perfect strategy.

Let’s assume you’ll have approximately a one-percent edge over the house, and earn about one percent of your total wagers. If you play 100 hands per hour and vary your bet from $5 to $50 , your average bet will be what you earn: about $25 per hour. To make $100,000 in one year, you’ll need an average bet of $50, and to vary your bets from around $10 to $100.

The bankroll should be around 50X or better 100X the average bet. This means that you must be ready to play with a bankroll from $2,500 to $5,000 or more.
That’s why many online casinos try to make players play with small bankrolls of $100-$500.

Please be careful because with a huge bankroll, the temptation to play doubling (martingale) may come. Well, never do it!

Live Dealer BlackJack

A blackjack-perfect strategy trainer could also be used for live games. Live Dealer Casino (video streaming) is an interesting scenario for the blackjack basic strategy plus cards counting application. Players can use strategy cards and focus their attention on the counting only, all in the full comfort of their home, 24 hours a day for 7 days per week, with no travel or other costs.

Players could also use some software or mobile apps that help in the counting!

Unfortunately, cards counting is completely useless at video blackjack games (software blackjack), as the virtual deck is “shuffled” for each new hand, so there is no point in tracking cards that have already been played.

That’s why Live Dealer Blackjack is becoming more and more popular!
Want to know more? Contact us!

How to learn Blackjack Strategies

It can be overwhelming looking at online when trying to find the perfect blackjack chart or various pieces of information you have to learn to try and become a master at playing the classic card game. As with most things, we suggest starting with the basic blackjack strategies. We have provided some details above on the basics of the blackjack strategy trainer, and this is a good place to start before you feel comfortable enough to move on to more advanced ideas.

If time is of the essence and you haven’t got the time to invest in learning card counting or anything like that, then it is best to stick with basic blackjack strategy. Always remember you will more often than not make the right choice when using basic strategy, and any of the few mistakes you do make you won’t cost you much at all.

Some physical casinos will permit players to refer to blackjack charts while playing, so you could always print them off and check them when playing. However, bear in mind if you are doing this other players might get slightly annoyed. If you are playing online blackjack, you don’t have this worry.

If you want to perfect an advanced blackjack strategy, learn one chart at a time. Additionally, if you know that you will be playing a certain variant of blackjack, just focus on the charts that will be relevant to the game that you will be playing. Once you feel as though you have learned the blackjack charts, you will remember the perfect blackjack strategy by repeating it several times in your head and practising it by playing lots of hands. Then if you ever forget anything, just go back to basics.

Conclusions about Blackjack Strategy Trainer

So, play following the blackjack basic strategy together with the card counting. Don’t forget to start betting without a huge bankroll.

There are no government or state laws prohibiting blackjack card counting, including at online games. However, casinos are allowed to ban players they suspect of card counting. Casinos usually track card counters by their changes in bet size (especially as the shoe runs out) as well as by their behavior with insurance (only when the counter is positive).  Keep your playing sessions short (30 to 45 minutes). Play at different casinos and vary your bet naturally through spreading to two or more hands. Blackjack practice is extremely important to ensure you master everything required. The best blackjack perfect strategy trainer is sometimes just trying things out for yourself in real action.

Have your own ultimate guide by creating a version of a basic strategy chart, and keep referring to this before your next session online. Before you know it, you will have your own blackjack trainer pro system, and everything will become second nature.

Fly under the radar, get your basic strategy drill nailed down and attack the house at the right time and win cash!

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