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July 6, 2020
blackjack card counting

The blackjack card counting system is used to understand if the next hand will be favorable to the dealer or the player by tracking all the cards that have been dealt with. Players should bet less when the casino has the advantage and more when the cards are in his favor.

In Blackjack, it is good for the player when there are more Aces and 10 Cards (10s, Js, Qs, and Ks) because Blackjack is paid 3:2. Furthermore, the house can bust more easily with high cards around. On the contrary, the dealer has an advantage if there are many low cards and he must hit with 12-16.

So, the blackjack card counting is simply a system to evaluate the ratio of low cards to high cards. It must be used together with the blackjack basic strategy.

In this way, the player advantage can go up to 2%!

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blackjack strategy

BJ Basic Strategy

The perfect blackjack strategy is a mix of many different strategies that are often used separately. Here is how to play online or live dealer blackjack and win real money!

Simple Blackjack Card Counting Trainer

Step 1: Assign A Value to Every Card with HI-LO system

Hi-Lo is the most popular card counting system. The card values are as follows:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = +1
  • 7, 8, 9 = 0
  • 10, J, Q, K, Ace = -1

As you deal with each card, you will either add 1 to the counter, subtract 1, or do nothing for each card’s value.

Step 2: The Running Count

Keep a running count of the values of the cards as they must deal with by adding or subtracting accordingly until the dealer shuffles the cards again. If the running count increases, the advantage will shift to the player. If the running count goes negative, the casino’s advantage increases.

Unfortunately, card counting is completely useless at video blackjack games (blackjack Softwares). This is because the virtual deck is “shuffled” for each new hand. In this case, there is no point in tracking cards that have already been played.

Live Dealer Casino (video streaming) is an interesting scenario for the blackjack card counting application. Players can use strategy cards and focusing their attention on the counter only. All in the full comfort of their home, 24 hours a day for 7 days per week. Also, with no travel or other costs. Players could also use some software or mobile apps that help in the counting. 

Step 3: Calculate a “True Count” or Count per Deck

Casinos began using multiple decks in an attempt to avoid card counters. To use our running count in a multiple deck game, we simply have to calculate the true count. Meaning, the number of high, medium, or low cards remaining per deck as:

True Count = Running Count /Decks Remaining

Having a +5 running count with 6 decks remaining is a completely different scenario from having a +5 running count with only 1 deck remaining. The number of unplayed decks is determined by estimating the number of decks of cards in the discard tray and subtracting that number from the number of decks being used in the game.

Step 4: Change Your Bets

In order to capitalize on the information you get from counting, you have to raise your bets as the true count rises. You have to bet really big when the cards favor the player. You have to bet really small when the count is negative or neutral and doesn’t favor the player.

  • True Count = +1 (or 0 or negative) : Bet 1 unit
  • +2: Bet 2 units
  • +3: Bet 4 units
  • +4: Bet 8 units
  • True Count = +5: Bet 12 Units

Bankroll management and proper betting strategy can get complicated. It’s easy to cause a lot of damage to your bankroll if you don’t properly understand how to bet.

Where to Play using Blackjack Card Counting

Here is a selection of our highest recommended and most trusted Online Casino where you can try the blackjack card counting and start earning real money!

The secure websites we’ve recommended have the best payouts, the most competitive odds, a great variety of games, and free money bonus promotions.

We only list legal gaming sites that follow US online gambling law.

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How to Bet on Blackjack Insurance

The blackjack basic strategy tells us that betting on insurance is wrong. Actually, taking insurance is a bad bet if the count is negative, but if the true count is plus 2 or higher, insurance is a good bet. That’s a good rule to remember and win cash!

Is the Blackjack Card Counting Legal?

There are no government or state laws prohibiting card counting, including at online games. However, casinos can ban players they suspect of card counting. Casinos usually track card counters by their changes in bet size especially as the shoe runs out. 

Casinos also track if players bet on insurance only when the counter is positive. Keep your playing sessions short (30 to 45 minutes). Play at different casinos and vary your bet naturally through spreading to two or more hands. Want to know more? Contact us!

Bankroll for the Blackjack Card Counting

Even with perfect play, it takes a large bankroll and sometimes many hours of play to see a significant profit from the Blackjack Card Counting Trainer.

Let’s assume you’ll have approximately a one-percent edge over the house, and earn about one percent of your total wagers. If you play 100 hands per hour and vary your bet from $5 to $50, your average bet will be what you earn: about $25 per hour. To make $100,000 in one year, you’ll need an average bet of $50, and to vary your bets from around $10 to $100.

The bankroll should be around 50X or better 100X the average bet. This means that you must be ready to play with a bankroll from $2,500 to $5,000 or more.

That’s why many online casinos try to make players play with small bankrolls of $100-$500.

Please be careful, because with a huge bankroll the temptation to play doubling (martingale) may come. Well, never do it!

Make The Most of Free Bets

If you are considering counting cards via a live dealer casino, then a good way to practice is by making the most of the free bets and promotions on offer from online casinos.

All the top brands offer promotions to new customers, whether you’re looking for new online casinos NJ or for the most respected brands in PA.

888 blackjack live casino free bets are often considered among the best. Although, you’ll find tons of great bonuses on our Casino Offers page


First of all, in order to count cards, you must play in a brick and mortar casino or in a Live Dealer Casino. A good card counter playing with blackjack basic strategy has an estimation of up to 2% advantage over the house. Blackjack Card Counting is not illegal but Casinos try to ban counters. So, play at different casinos and vary your bet naturally through spreading to two or more hands. Furthermore, don’t forget to start betting without a huge bankroll.

Other Blackjack Strategies & Tips

Of course, as well as counting cards, there are many other tips and tricks you can use to make the most of playing blackjack. Across our site, you’ll find tons of strategies for both skilled and novice players.

Many experts down the years have offered their guidance, with some of the top tips to accompany your card counting including:

  • Double Down on a Hard 11: You always have a good chance of boosting winnings if you double down on a hard 11, except in games when a dealer must stand on a soft 17.
  • Split Pairs of 8s & Aces: Splitting these particular pairs are more likely to bring you success than any other pair according to experts.
  • Never Split 5s or 10s: These are the pairs that can often lead to losing hands, with it considered safer to stick with the 20 combinations than splitting the latter.
  • Hit Soft 18 When Dealer’s Upcard is 9, 10 or Ace: 18 isn’t always a winning value and can lead to losses when the dealer has a 9, 10, or Ace showing. There is a good chance you can draw a soft 19-21 or hard 17-21.

There are many more tips and tricks which can be found in our Blackjack Basic Strategy Guide

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