Are Casinos Open in the USA? All The Latest Information

Are Casinos Open in the USA? All The Latest Information

The USA has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, but many businesses are starting to find their feet and start operating in a brand new normal. Las Vegas was keen to reopen its casinos in order to ensure residents stayed employed and visitors make their way back to Sin City. Are casinos open in the USA? Below you’ll find all you need to know about casino openings in the States, as well as the latest information on how they have changed since before lockdown…

Are Casinos in the USA Open?

Unlike many parts of the world, casinos reopened fairly quickly after being locked down. Las Vegas began to start welcoming back visitors in mid-May, while Atlantic City is beginning to come out of lockdown, with casinos open at 25% capacity.

It’s now the case that more than two thirds of US casinos are now open. That means 734 across the country are now open, with two having closed down permanently due to the pandemic.

Across the country there are now 34 states with at least one casino open, while there are seven states that are still fully closed, including Maine, Wyoming, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.Texas are also her to open any casinos within the state.


What Will Be Different?

Casinos that have opened in the USA are operating at a much lower capacity currently to ensure social distancing measures are kept in place.

There are many other measures that are in place to ensure the safety of gamblers and staff, including:

  • Table limits: Lower numbers of players at each table.
  • Fewer slots: Every other slot has generally been turned off in casinos to allow additional space between players.
  • Temperature checks: These are in operation to ensure players aren’t carrying the disease. This is particularly found in hotel casino resorts.
  • Hand sanitizer: players must sanitise their hands on entry, with sanitizer points across casino floors.
  • Face masks: Masks are being offered to players and staff.

There are also still many of the perks that come with playing in a casino. Free drinks are still being offered and Vegas casinos are still in operation 24 hours per day.

Smoking is being prohibited in some casinos, with this coming into effect in New Jersey. However, many are also allowing smoking despite COVID-19.

When Will USA Casinos Be Back To Normal?

It is far too early to understand when US casinos will be operating back at 100% capacity, as well as offering many of the extra sources of entertainment such as shows.

At present there is no information on when this might happen, with players encouraged to play as safely and sensibly as possible at the moment.

Should the US and state level governments offer any further information on this, we will keep you posted right here.

Playing Online Casino

Online casino has seen a huge surge in players during the lockdown, with many taking to online slots and video poker to get their fix and stay entertained.

Players can of course still enjoy online casino and it offers the perfect alternative for those who have yet to have their local casino open its doors, or if you’re a player who does not yet feel save to return.

You’ll find tons of online casinos to enjoy here, with all the best casino sites available to play in our state found on our State of the Union page.

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