Understanding Slot Machine Volatility

Understanding Slot Machine Volatility

Alongside RTP, when it comes to slots the volatility of them is also incredibly important to understand. The slot machine volatility is particularly useful for understanding if you have a particular style of playing and it can be hugely influential in how much you stake and which slots you play.

There are various levels of volatility in online slots. Below, you’ll find all you need to know about the various levels and exactly what volatility means.

What Does Slot Machine Volatility Mean?

The slot machine volatility is a level on a slot machine that informs a player of how much risk is involved in playing the game. Often known as variance, it allows a player to understand how often they can expect to see a payout and how large or small that payout will be.

There are three types of volatility, these being:

  • High Volatility
  • Medium Volatility
  • Low Volatility

It will be made clear in the help section or guide of a slot what level of volatility it will have. This usually features in the same place as the RTP of a slot.

What are High Volatility Slots?

High volatility slots offer the most risk when it comes to playing online slots, but ultimately the highest rewards too.

They have a high difference between the minimum and maximum win and you can expect to receive less frequent payouts, but bigger ones when you do win. Consider them as high risk because you’ll often find longer periods of time without winning, which can be a problem for some players.

It’s always better to play high volatility slots if you have a larger bankroll as you can burn through more of it to ensure you reach the point when the slot pays out big. In some cases, you can win as much as 10,000x your stake with these slots. While progressive slots are high volatility that offers even bigger payouts!

What are Low Volatility Slots?

Low volatility slots are essentially the opposite of high volatility and are slots that provide more frequent wins but much lower prices. They’re ideal for the more conservative player as well as those who have smaller bankrolls and want to enjoy longer sessions.

Therefore, they are low in risk and you’re never going to lose lots of bankrolls. But, in essence, you aren’t really going to win lots either unless you really do strike it lucky. They are ideal for new players looking to learn the ropes, as well as players who aren’t necessarily chasing profit but rather just want a little entertainment. 

There are thousands of low volatility slots for players on the market, with brands such as 888casino, Golden Nugget, and Unibet all having a fantastic range.

Of course, you’ll find plenty more places to play both low and high volatility slots in your state on our State of the Union page.

What are Medium Volatility Slots?

Medium volatility slots are naturally a combination of both high and low volatility slots and the region somewhere in the middle. 

They’re popular with many players for obvious reasons, with bigger jackpots but still not completely high risk. They’re generally useful to play if you are playing for a bit of fun but also want to the thrill of the chase for big prizes.

Medium volatility slots also a great stepping stone for players who have learned the ropes on low volatility but now want to step it up a little and compete for bigger prizes. You can win up to 1,000x your stake in some cases. You’ll find many of the most popular games are those with medium volatility.