Should You Use Online Slots Autoplay Option?

Peter N
March 24, 2020

Online slots are one of the fastest and most fun games within an online casino. They’ve developed significantly since the days of the one-armed bandit in old saloons. Today, their online counterparts are full of all the bells and whistles. One particular addition is the online slots autoplay option. All you need to do is just click play, and let the slot do all the work for you. In other words, you don’t even have to spin the reels.

Therefore, making them more exciting and easier to play than ever before. Autoplay certainly divides opinion when it comes to playing with it. 

Here at Gambler Saloon, we’re here to bring you all the facts and opinions from both parties. Below you’ll find all you need to know about autoplay on slot machines and whether you should use it or not

What is Autoplay on Slots & How does it Work?

Autoplay on slots is an easy concept to understand. It is a feature that allows you to spin the wheel for a preset number of times without the need to manually tap “Spin” every time. 

That’s all it is, a time-saving feature that allows you to just sit back and watch the game. Certainly, without the need to actively push buttons yourself. When using autoplay, every spin will be the same value bet. So, it is important to be aware of when managing your bankroll.

In order to use autoplay all you need to do is head to an online slot site which offers it as a feature. Select the autoplay option and insert the number of times you’d like to spin the reels automatically. It’s that simple.

You can use it on a variety of slots, including all the more popular ones such as Rainbow Riches, Dead or Alive, Mega Moolah and more.

Reasons For & Against Online Slots Autoplay Option

There are many reasons why players do enjoy using the autoplay feature and many reasons why players avoid it. It generally brings down to how you wish to play and what you want to get out of online slots.

Below you’ll find some of the main pros and cons of using online slots autoplay feature…


There are a number of pros as to why you would use autoplay on slots, these include:

Time Saving

First and foremost it’s a hugely time-saving feature. You can play as many times as you wish without the need to continually clicking “Spin”. You can just keep the game speeding through.


This certainly adds to the convenience of playing. In fact, you can keep playing while you’re not even at your device. You can take a toilet break, make a cup of coffee or, essentially, do anything you like. The reels won’t stop spinning because you’ve other things to be doing.

Improve your chances at Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are reliant upon heavy gaming. If you can’t quite give the time in order to have a winning chance, you can use the autoplay feature. This is to make sure you get enough rounds to climb the leaderboard.


There are of course cons to playing using autoplay too. Below are a number of the more prominent cons…

Less Excitement

If you’re looking for a bit of excitement while playing online slots, you’re not going to find it by using autoplay. The autoplay feature essentially makes you a spectator rather than actively engaging with the slot.

Always Plays the Same Size Bet

When using autoplay you’re unable to change the amount you wish to bet. Instead, every spin will use the exact same bet, which can be a mistake when you’re trying to manage your bankroll.

You’re unable to adapt your betting pattern to any winnings or losses, which isn’t always ideal for punters.

It can Decimate your Bankroll

Touching a little on what was mentioned above, because autoplay uses the exact same bet every time. Therefore, it can really cripple your bankroll if you go on a losing streak. For instance, if you’re betting $5 across 10 spins, that could be $50 of your bankroll lost in just a couple of minutes.

Autoplay doesn’t have the ability to adapt like a human can to winnings and losings. Indeed, it can make you pay a real price very quickly.

Should you use Online Slots Autoplay option?

Ultimately, the decision on whether you should use autoplay is very much dependent on your reasoning for using it. It can be an incredibly useful feature when playing in tournaments or during periods when you want to play but can’t quite dedicate your total focus towards playing.

If you do have the ability to actively engage throughout the gameplay. Moreover, if you’re looking for the thrills and spills of slot machines, then you’re probably better off playing manually and amending your stake and tactics as you play.

Where can I use Autoplay?

For those wishing to use autoplay on online slots, you’ll find many online casinos offer the feature. We work with some fabulous casinos with a huge range of slots, many with autoplay available.

To view all our favorites, including the likes of 888 bet casino and SugarHouse head over to our Casino Reviews page. Here, you’ll find plenty of sites to register and play with, alongside in-depth reviews to help you make that decision. 

The autoplay feature is also available on Harrahs online casino. Check the complete review of Harrahs online casino PA.

Author Peter N