The Best Movie Themed Slots: What You Should Be Playing

Gambler Saloon
March 21, 2019

Slot machines have always been one of the most fun ways to gamble. From the dawn of the fruit machine they’ve continued to develop new and exciting themes, to the point where today they’re endorsed by musicians, celebrities and some of the biggest movie franchises on the planet.

We love online slots here at Gambler Saloon, particularly those where you get to follow in the footsteps of your favorite movie characters.

But what are the best movie themes slots currently on the market?

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Superman Slot Online - Playtech

Superman has seen many films hit the silver screen over the years, but for most of us, it’s the Christopher Reeve outings that we hold dearest to our hearts.

The Superman the Movie slot is based upon Reeve’s time as Clark Kent and it manages to capture the movies 1978 retro charm alongside a real superhero theme.

There are a whopping 100 paylines to hit and you can generally enjoy playing with relatively low stakes.

The slot contains some brilliant bonus rounds and has a number of 3D animations to really liven it up.

The Dark Knight Slot Online - Playtech

Whatever Superman can do, Batman can match and continuing the on screen battle of Batman vs Superman, The Dark Knight Rises is a real contender for the best movie slot on the market.

The Christopher Nolan smash hit is captured beautifully in this slot and offers just as many thrills and frights as the film itself.

The Joker is as dark as Heath Ledger’s character in the movie and has 3D graphics that can cause a shock.

The slot itself can be found at a number of online casinos and has a progressive jackpot on many sites, meaning you really can win a whopping jackpot.

Rocky Slot Online - Playtech

Rocky is the ultimate rags to riches story and is all about that underdog spirit. You can be a true fighter too with the Rocky Balboa slot online.

It offers 25 paylines and you can potentially win a jackpot worth 10 thousand times your stake money.

The graphics seamlessly transition from the movie, with 80s inspired imagery and some of the franchises favorite characters including Adrienne, Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago. Not to mention the Italian Stallion himself of course.

Terminator 2 Slot Online - Microgaming

Arnold Schwarzenegger became a true Hollywood icon thanks to James Cameron’s Terminator movies and offers the same sort of film noir vibe as the 80s Classic.

There are over 700 winning combinations in the slot and a huge number of bonus rounds giving you plenty of opportunity to win.

Like the Rocky slot, many of the film’s characters are involved when navigating your way through the slot, including John and Sarah Connor, T-1000 and Arnie himself.

You’ll find it across many of the major casino sites and it continues to stand up as a real player in the industry.

Scarface Slot Online - NetEnt

It’s rare anyone appears victorious over Tony Montana but the Scarface app is not going to stop you.

As you’d expect given the film, it’s an all action slot that sees many aspects of the film involved within it.

The slot is your average style slot and easy to play. It’s a three row, five reel slot, with a number of wild symbols and bonus rounds.

The characters appear as icons, including Tony, Manny and Elvira, while the Say Hello To My Little Friends feature makes it worth playing alone.

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