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January 15, 2019
live dealer roulette

Live Roulette Online is one of the most popular, easy and funny casino games. If you never played online roulette before, you will find a lot of advantages playing in the privacy of your home. The game is fast and easy, there is now crowd at the table. You can take notes of your game and you can bet small amounts too. Furthermore, you can play 24/7 with no travel or other costs.
If you are a lover of land based casino roulette and you are a little skeptical about online gaming we recommend you to play at Live Dealer Roulette where you can play from the comfort of your home but connected via webcam with a real casino.

Why to Play at Live Roulette Online

Playing the Live Roulette Online is the trend of the moment. Players appreciate the absence of the random number generator (RNG) and love the action live, with a real dealer and a real wheel that runs via webcam in a real casino. 
This does not mean that Online Roulette games (RNG software) are not safe and reliable. But since the game is mostly fun and entertaining, live webcam is much better.


According to many professional players, playing Live Dealer Casino is even better than in a “brick and mortar” casino. This is because you can play at any time (24/7) without having to deal with travel time and expenses. You can also have control of the surrounding environment (noise, lights, sit, smoke, food, drink, etc …) without having to pay anything, not even the dealer’s tips. 

In the best Live Dealer Roulette you can chat with the Croupier. Furthermore, with the HD video streaming you can also follow the ball and zoom on the wheel.

Live Dealer Roulette online tables are accessible by a wide audience of players. There are tables from $1 to $1,000 or more. European and American Roulette are always available but in many cases French Roulette too. Sometimes there are variations like MiniRoulette, Immersive Roulette, Fast Roulette and Double Ball.

The Game

The game is absolutely normal. The bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball. The ball after a few laps and rebounds is positioned on a number. Bets that include that number are paid according to the payout table.
All types of bets are possible as in a real casino. Some Live Dealer Roulette offer special neighbor bets as well as some Zero Insurance. This makes the game more fun and interesting.
Recall that the European Roulette (single 0) has an advantage of 2.7% while in the American Roulette version (0, 00) the advantage rises to 5.26%. The European variant would therefore also be preferred here. Many players still prefer to play on the more risky one, instead.

Live Dealer Roulette Mobile

If playing from home with real roulette and a real croupier is not enough then you can always keep playing from your smartphone! And this is really a very convenient and fun option! Of course, to play and bet money in a Live Dealer Roulette Mobile session you need to have a good internet connection. Furthermore, it is advisable to use a modern smartphone with a good RAM and maybe not use other applications or socials at the same time. Also the choice of the casino can make the difference. Many smart casinos are using particularly attractive and entertaining live croupiers, with the aim of distracting the player from the game strategy. Be careful!

Where to Play Live Roulette Online

Here is a selection of our highest recommended and most trusted Online Casino where you can play Live Roulette Online and start earning real money! 
We only list legal gaming sites that are in compliance with US online gambling law. 
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European, American or French Roulette?

European Roulette is probably the most popular, it has only a single zero and House Edge is 2.7%. On the other hand, American Roulette (typical of Las Vegas casinos) has zero 0 and double zero 00 which moves the House Edge to 5.26% although it makes it much more fun.
French Roulette is very difficult to find and offers great advantages such as the same rules of European Roulette (single 0) and some insurance formulas (as in BlackJack) on the zero exit called En Prison and La Partage.
The MiniRoulette only works with 13 slots (1-12, 0) usually uses the La Partage insurance and then works in favor of the player even if it is not very funny.
The MultiBall Roulette and MultiWheel Roulette variants do nothing but speed up the game and usually use the European Roulette rules as basic rules.

Live Dealer Roulette Tips

If you are new to the roulette game, please take note of the following first tips:

  1. start with small and simple bets like Red/Black or Even/Odd to watch and to learn the game
  2. prefer the European Roulette (single 0) instead of the American (0, 00) in terms of house edge
  3. have a look to the stats of the numbers drawn more or less frequently to orient your bets

Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that some bets pay more or less than others and that the fewer numbers are in your bet, the more money you’ll win!

How to Bet

As you can see below, in terms of payout it is much better to bet on Inside Bet (the numbers on the board, 0, 00, 1-36) instead of the Outside Bet (Even, Odd, Dozens, Columns, Red/Black). Even if, on the contrary, betting on Outside Bet is more easy and you will have a chance to win more often. 

In Live Dealer Roulette you can bet the Inside, the Outside or both and you can mix all bets types. Useless to bet on Red and Black together of course. But you can mix other bets like for example Red and Even to win more or to reduce losses.

Payouts and Odds

Have a look to the following payouts and the odds of your bets playing at any Live Dealer Roulette:

0, 00, or any single number: Payout = 35:1  Odds = 37:1
0 and 00, or any two numbers: Payout = 17:1  Odds = 18:1
Any three numbers: Payout = 11:1  Odds = 11.56:1
Any four number in a block: Payout = 8:1  Odds = 8.5:1
0, 00, 1, 2, and 3: Payout = 6:1  Odds = 5.33:1
Column bet, dozen bet: Payout = 2:1  Odds = 2.157:1
Odd, even, red, black, 1 to 18, 19 to 36: Payout = 1:1  Odds = 1.111:1

The Bankroll at Live Dealer Roulette

The Bankroll is the only ally of the Live Dealer Roulette player. It needs a bankroll that allows us to play the time to make a winnings, even with negative sequences. Since the online roulette game is very fast in one hour of play we can also make 100 bets. So our bankroll will have to be at least 50 times our standard bet, thinking we will lose or win around 50% of the time. Without a proper bankroll it will be very easy to be forced out of the game because without more money. So you have to think very well about the size of the bankroll before you start playing.
Maybe you are not ready to face the game with the right bankroll. In this case it is best to choose to play using a bonus.

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