Online BlackJack Real Money

Online BlackJack Real Money

blackjack online

Not so many people will agree to this, but Online BlackJack Real Money is an easy to master game. Although it seems to be a mechanical game, it is the only casino game where the player’s choice makes the difference. This makes it a game that you can easily influence the outcome, provided that you make the right move.

In this quick guide to blackjack online, we’ve included all the information that you need. You will find a list of instructions that you have to follow. So from now you can play blackjack online like a regular from the get-go. 

Just proceed below and start off by reading the basic rules of blackjack. After that, you can learn a thing or two about Blackjack Basic Strategy and some other useful tips to win real money playing BlackJack Online. 

Where to Play Online BlackJack Real Money

It is very important to choose carefully the Online Casino to play with. Here is a selection of our highest recommended and most trusted Online Casino where you can play BlackJack Online and start earning real money! We only list legal gaming sites that are in compliance with US online gambling law. 

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blackjack strategy

BlackJack Basic Strategy

The perfect blackjack strategy is a mix of many different strategies that are often used separately. Here is how to play online or live dealer blackjack and win real money!

blackjack card counting

BlackJack Cards Counting

Would you like to know if the next hand will be good for the player or for the house? In order to manage your bets accordingly? Well, here is an easy way to do it.

How to Play Online BlackJack Real Money

Step 0 - The Basics

The rules involved in playing Blackjack are very simple, but you need to have a thorough understanding of them before you can start playing the game. Your main objective isn’t to get to 21 as soon as you can. You should get a stronger hand than that of the dealer without exceeding the 21 mark, instead. That’s your main objective as you play blackjack online.

For new players, it’s virtually crucial that you get to understand the value of each card found in the deck.

  • Cards numbered from 2 – 10 retain their face value 
  • Kings, Queens and Jacks are all valued at 10. In blackjack, suits have no value 
  • Aces are usually considered as a wildcard. You can choose to value them as 11 or 1. If you choose to value the Ace as 11, you have a hard hand while those who value it as 1 have a soft hand

In addition to knowing the value of the cards, it’s important that you also note the following points:

  • As you play blackjack online, a total of six-eight decks are used. Each deck has 52 cards 
  • The deck is usually shuffled after 50% of the cards in the eight decks have been used

Step 1 - The Cards

At the beginning of each round, after betting in the dark, you are going to be dealt with two cards face-up. The dealer (for Live Dealer Casino) and software will also be dealt with two cards, with one of them facing down (the hole card).

Step 2 - The Player Moves

Depending on the cards that you and the dealer have, you can decide to take any one of the following options.

Basic Moves

Hit – When you hit, you are asking the dealer to deal more cards to you 
Stand – If you stand, you’ve decided not to take any more card
Double Down – When you double down, you’ll be doubling your bet after which you’ll receive an extra card and hold down automatically
Split – This only happens if you have two similar cards dealt on the first round. When you split, you’ll get two separate hands. You’ll be required to place a second bet, equal in value to the first one. Most casinos accept a maximum of three splits

Advanced Moves

Take Blackjack Insurance – Blackjack Insurance is a bet that you can only bet if the dealer’s up card is an Ace or a 10-value card. When you take insurance, you are basically betting the hole card will result in a Blackjack or Natural.

Surrender – You peek at your cards and notice that you have an awful hand and that your chances of winning are very minimal. You can opt to surrender. However, this option is not offered across all online casinos. So it’s important to cross check the casino’s blackjack rules before starting to play. 

For full details about how to play at blackjack online, please read our Blackjack Basic Strategy Complete Guide.

Step 3 - The Dealer Moves

Once every player has made his move, the dealer will go ahead and reveal his/her card.

  • If the dealer has a natural/blackjack the House wins
  • House must stand with 17 or more and must hit with 16 or less
  • If the dealer “bust” all players still in the game win their bets

Otherwise, the outcome is determined as follows.

  • Whoever has his/her card closest to 21 than the dealer wins and the casino pays out at odds of 1:1
  • Should your card value exceed 21, you automatically “bust” and you lose your bet
  • If you have a natural (the two cards have a value of 21), you have a blackjack, and the casino will pay out at odds of 3:2
  • Only if the value of your card is similar to that of the dealer, the result is a push, and you receive a full refund of your bet

Online BlackJack Real Money - Dealer Rules

It is very important to well understand the Blackjack online real money dealer rules. They depend on the cards that the dealer holds plus the online casino where you are playing the game from. Every online casino has its own unique rules, but they are usually the same in most instances. If the dealer’s hand is a 16 or less, then he/she is required to hit until a hand from 17 to 21 is achieved, or he/she busts. However, in most instances, the dealer will stand on a soft 17. But they are obligated to stand on a hard 17, which is usually the safest bet for the house. The dealer can not choose what to do and that’s why the player changes the game strategy based on the dealer’s face up card

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online casino strategies

Casino Strategies

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How to Win Online BlackJack Real Money

Having gone through all the basics, it’s about time that we looked at the basic creeds of blackjack online winning strategy.

  • To increase your chances of winning as you play blackjack, you have to practice splitting your hands. From turning a losing hand into a winning one, splitting is an essential part of any blackjack online winning strategy 
  • Always avoid  splitting a pair of low-value cards as it will only double your chances of losing the bet. However, if you are dealt with a pair of Aces, always split them
  • Knowing the perfect time to double your bet is imperative. If the dealer’s up card is a low-value card and you hand an Ace together with a low-value card, you should always consider doubling down

For full details about how to win at blackjack online, please read our BlackJack Basic Strategy Complete Guide.

Live Dealer Online BlackJack Real Money

At the online casinos, live dealer blackjack online captures all of the action happening at the tables in full, crisp HD quality, streamed to your preferred platform. Most of the reputable US online casinos employ only professional and experienced dealers to handle all the table action. Once you’ve signed up at the casino and chosen to play live dealer blackjack online, you’ll be welcomed by the dealer, who will gladly continue to assist you throughout the game.
Thanks to the futuristic technology, each decision, bet and hand moves as quickly and smoothly just as you would be playing at the land-based casino. This is what sets the live dealer blackjack gaming experience from the software-based version. Real action, real croupiers and – most of all –  real winnings that you can withdraw!

BlackJack Mobile

Blackjack mobile games have changed how we play our blackjack online games and they have created a new crop of players online. More and more players are slowly opting to play their games on Android devices, iPhones, iPods, iPods and other devices that can access the internet.
Overall, these games are out in two main categories:
Instant play mobile platform: Through this, you can play blackjack online through your device’s browser. Due to the high levels of cyber threats online, instant play mobile platform is the most preferred way of gaming by the US players.
The mobile app: Mobile applications allow you to download the casino’s app to your device, from which you can play blackjack. The advantage of mobile apps is that there are games exclusive to this platform, which you cannot access through the instant play platform.

Online BlackJack Real Money FAQ

Is there any Advantage of Playing Blackjack Online?

There are plenty of advantages to playing blackjack game online instead of a land-based Casino.
It’s convenient, you can play the game online anywhere, anytime through your mobile device too.
It has better payout, since online casinos have lower operation costs they offer better odds. 
Furthermore, there are more than 200 game varieties online, excluding the live casino games.

Can I Play Online BlackJack Real Money for Free?

Yes, you can play blackjack online free. However, the trial version is only available through the software-based game. For live dealer blackjack games, you have to place a minimum bet of $1.
You can also use a No Deposit Bonus Casino which means to play without risking your money 

What is the House Edge in Online BlackJack Real Money?

The house edge depends on the rules of the blackjack online game. So, it depends on the version you choose to play and on the online casino rules, terms and conditions. Singe Deck blackjack has the lowest house edge of 0.05%. Standard 6-8 deck blackjack has a house edge of 0.5%. A good player using the blackjack basic strategy together with the blackjack card counting can have an advantage on the house up to 2%!