The Zig Zag Betting Theory

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April 28, 2019
zig zag theory

The Zig Zag Theory has been a popular strategy in betting for over 40 years and continues to be one of the go-to for punters, particularly in sports series.

More and more people are beginning to use it, thanks to its simplicity and the fact you don’t need any tools, lengthy complex strategy or a huge knowledge of betting.

If the Zig Zag strategy is something that you’re interested in for you journey in sports betting, read below for all you need to know.

What Is The Zig Zag Theory?

The Zig Zag theory is a simple concept to understand and simply involves betting on the team that has previously lost, as they are more likely to rebound than they aren’t.

This is particularly involved in games which are part of a series, switching between home and away legs.

The theory comes from betting on NHL and NBA series in which the previous game has a huge influence on the next, with the losing team expecting to win, whether having home advantage or not.

The theory is designed for the playoffs generally speaking and the 2-2-1-1-1 format in which the higher ranked team has the home advantage in the final three games.

Which Sports Can I Play Zig Zag Theory?

The Zig Zag theory can be adapted to a number of sports but is most common, and was specifically designed for, the NBA and NHL due to the format in which they play series.

However, many people have adopted it to Major League Baseball and other sports that have series such as cricket and netball.

NBA Zig Zag Betting Theory

NBA Betting is really the home of the theory and is generally the most popular market in which it’s used.

While statistically home advantage is favourable in the NBA, teams in the road win the game after defeat 34% of the time, that’s a one in three chance and well worth a bet.

You’ll see good value with the oddsmakers for this as the majority of money will go on the home side or favorite, as people seem to really overreact to a first game defeat for a team.

All the stats show is that it’s a worthwhile theory. For example, if the team on the road wins the first game of a series, there’s around a 75% chance the home team will come back and win the second.

Equally if a team is 2-0 up going into the third game, there’s a good chance the team losing will bounce back, with a 65% chance of making it 2-1.

Of course, you also have to weigh up the chance of each team, as there’s no point in applying the theory if there is a huge gulf in quality between the two teams.

NHL Zig Zag Betting Theory

NHL Zig Zag Theory is used in very much the same way and is usually used when betting against a clean sweep.

Usually the team looking to avoid an embarrassing 4-0 defeat will win game four if they’re 3-0 down. Statistics show a 3-1 is much more common than 4-0, with home teams down 3-0 having a 57% chance of winning their next match and teams on the road winning 58% of the time.

This generally offers fantastic value as the bookmakers will generally side with the in-form team, giving you excellent odds for the bet you wish to make.

Things To Note About The Zig Zag Theory

Of course, if you’re wishing to play the Zig Zag Theory it’s always worth taking note of the circumstances surrounding the game too.

As mentioned previously, if there’s already a big gulf in the quality of the teams then it may not be worth playing, while it’s also worth noting things such as injuries, suspensions, and general recent form.

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