What Pitching Strategy To Look For In MLB Betting

Paul R
August 28, 2020
pitching strategy MLB Betting

Placing bets on MLB is hugely popular these days, but there are certain things punters simply don’t consider such as pitching strategy, and it can hugely improve their chances of winning.

As part of any betting strategy, it’s important to do your research, whether you’re betting on the NBA, NFL, or even tennis. However, one thing often ignored in Major League Baseball betting is pitching and a side’s pitching strategy.

This can be hugely influential in the outcome of a game though and there is plenty to consider that can help your bets in a range of markets. Below you’ll find some of the key things to consider within MLB pitching, which could aid your betting and produce a real winner… 

Starting Pitcher

The starting pitcher is key in any game. They set the tempo of a game and are naturally the best pitchers on the field. They can get early outs and keep runs scored down. Rather than simply looking at the correct score or totals markets, analyze the form of both starting pitchers. See how many runs they regularly give away, and how they perform in particular conditions or against particular sides and players.

This will give you a much clearer idea of where exactly to steer your bets.

Baseball Pitcher’s Pitch Count

A pitching stat that is regularly not considered by betting fans is that of pitch count. By looking at the number of pitches you can get a better understanding of the fitness of a pitcher and the type of form he’s in.

Pitchers have a set pitch count going into every game, which usually falls in the region of 95-110. However, sometimes players do go over this and that is worth taking note of, as well as when they are at the upper end of their pitch count.

This is because it usually has a knock-on effect in the next game, with fatigue coming into play and pitchers giving away more runs. By analyzing the data as it can be influential in the totals and scores markets, and can also be useful when it comes to betting on handicaps too. 

Hitter v Pitcher

Some hitters just have it over on a pitcher and vice versa. They understand each other’s game and can adjust to maximize performance. Before betting on any game, you should study the form book of the pitcher against the batting side. 

What you may find is a series of trends that can aid your decision making. For example, a pitcher might have never given more than X amount of runs to a side before, which a hitter might continually hit home runs against a certain pitcher.

This can all factor into your betting and play a huge part in the result of a game.

Study Form

Naturally, a pitcher’s form is more important than anything. In fact, it’s a sport where players can easily go through good and bad spells. It’s the same with hitters and notes this as it’s perhaps the most important factor when placing any baseball bet. 

For example, there’s little point betting on a pitcher giving away no runs if he’s been struggling all season. Likewise, if a pitcher is on a good run, then it’s likely he will continue that good run and must refactor into your betting.

Author Paul R