The Top Three NFL Betting Strategies For The New Season

Paul R
October 9, 2020
top NFL betting strategies

The NFL is back, and with the games behind closed doors for the foreseeable, there’s most certainly extra attention on the betting markets as millions of fans are glued to the television set.

We’re incredibly happy the season is back, and across the year we’ll be offering NFL picks on each and every game. 

But if you want to take your betting to the next level, then it’s well worth considering a number of different NFL betting strategies.

Below you’ll find three of our favorite NFL betting strategies to take your punts to the next level…

Take Note of The Venue

One of the things to really pay close attention to is knowing the location of the play. While there will be no crowds, which offers a slightly more even playing field in terms of home advantage, the travel, climate, and time difference can have a significant impact on a game.

Even the type of venue can have a significant impact on a game. For example, games played in domes generally enjoy more total points scored than those played in outdoor stadiums. Because, conditions are more consistent and calmer, with no extreme elements.

Some teams also enjoy excellent home records, for example, the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Others really struggle on the road, particularly when traveling from a cold state to a warm one and vice versa.

Diversify Your Betting

Don’t just focus your attention on the Moneyline market, and diversify your betting to find the best value odds around. 

There are tons of alternative bets you can enjoy on the NFL. Here at GamblerSaloon, we’ll always pick out the finest markets in every preview we deliver.

Think about the total points markets, touchdowns scored, HT/FT betting, quarter betting, and much more.

It’s also worth considering in-play betting. Particularly as the only way to watch the NFL for the early stages of the season is via television. So, you can get a clear understanding and all the stats on how a game is going, better informing your in-play betting.

Pay Attention To Picks & The Week In NFL

The single best strategy you can adopt is bringing preparation and organization into your play.

Each week, dedicate time to researching the markets and researching the games which you may potentially bet on.

Watch press conferences to understand whether players are fit or having an injury. Also, get a strong understanding of how a coach may play against their opposition. Considering the context of the game is also essential.

For example, if two coaches are typically defensive, it’s probably not going to be a high scoring contest no matter where they are standing in the division. 

As well as your own research, also take advantage of others too. Dig around in the social channels and see what experts on franchises are saying, as well as pundits across the networks.

Betting sites and sportsbooks across the US also have blogs and tips sections, while our betting experts also do plenty of research and analysis to provide the most accurate tips and predictions ahead of each NFL game.

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Author Paul R