The Fibonacci Betting System

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November 1, 2018

You always get the impression there’s an element of risk with progressive betting systems, yet they’re used by many as a sound strategy to make a profit.

The Fibonacci System is popular across both sport and casino betting and is perhaps the most universally famous one when it comes to progressive betting.

If you’re looking to take your betting to the next level, take a look at our guide to the Fibonacci Betting System below…

What Is The Fibonacci Betting System?

The Fibonacci Betting System is a progressive betting system that requires you to increase your wager after every losing bet.

The system itself is a sequence created by Leonardo Pisano, an Italian mathematician in the 13th Century.

The sequence itself can go on indefinitely but begins with the following:


As you can see the system is built around a number being the sum of the two numbers previous. In terms of betting, this allows you the best possible chance of at least breaking even.

How To Use The Fibonacci System

How you’d apply that to betting is by starting at unit 1 in the sequence, and applying this to your first wager.

So if you were to bet $10 on something as your original wager, $10 would be the first unit within the sequence and then be applied to the following.

It’s perhaps wiser to begin much smaller however, as the system can see stake increase quite dramatically.

For example:

Let’s say you were going to bet $2 on a particular wager. If that was to lose you would follow the Fibonacci sequence and bet $2 once more.

Should that lose, you’d then move to the next number in the sequence, this being 2, meaning you’d place a $4 bet. If you were to lose again, the progressive sequence would then mean backing the bet with $6.

This is usually done on even money bets, for example red or black in roulette.

Once your bet wins, you then move back down two numbers in the sequence lowering your bets with each win. The only exceptions to this is if you’re already at the bottom of the sequence or cannot yet move back two places.

Fibonacci System Betting in Soccer

In soccer the Fibonacci System works slightly different and uses a method in which punters must only bet on draws.

The system recommends backing draws with a probability of 2.618 or higher.

When it comes to backing the wager, you’d do so in exactly the same way, using the same sequence and moving up and down the ladder in the same way after a win or loss.

The reason the draw is backed is due to it being believed to be the toughest for a bookmaker to predict and therefore making it a good method of seeing return when increasing your stake.

Things To Note About The Fibonacci Betting System

While it’s a relatively low risk strategy, if you have a particularly bad run you could have to put large sums of stake money in to break back even again.

In the long term this makes the system not the best solution, however over short betting spurts, it can be a fantastic way to earn your money back.

Beginning with low stakes will help ease the amount you’re progressively betting, while being aware of the amounts you are required to put in in line with your original stake will help you think more strategically.

Bookmakers & Casinos To Use The Fibonacci Betting System

Ultimately you can back the Fibonacci System with every bookmaker around. The strategy comes purely from you.

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