NHL Betting Strategies

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March 18, 2020
nhl betting strategies

You won’t find better hockey anywhere in the world than in the NHL. Therefore, it’s the go-to place when it comes to betting on the sport. With a long season and hundreds of games to bet on, there’s plenty of profit. To win, you need to follow some NHL betting strategies

Many punters adopt a betting strategy and when we produce our NHL picks there are plenty of factors we take into account.

Below you’ll find some of the more common ways in which can help you place a winning bet on the NHL

NHL Betting Strategies - Take a note of Travel Schedules

Games come thick and fast in the NHL and it involves a serious amount of traveling

Hockey is physically demanding and a road trip straight after isn’t helpful in recovery. Explore previous fixtures and the travel involved and it could have an impact on how fresh a team is

For instance, a team coming into a game off the back of two home ties will be much fresher than one that’s had four games in a week on the road. Take fatigue into account when placing your bets as it really is part and parcel of a busy NHL schedule. This is particularly useful to look out when the teams are fairly evenly matched.

NHL Betting Strategies - Injuries

Injuries are of course a huge part of hockey. In fact, one player injury can completely change the course of a game. Keep tabs on the teams that will take to the ice. Certainly, if there are key players missing from a side it could completely swing the complexion of the game. 

Always follow press conferences and preview articles to get the lowdown from that in-the-know. 

Similar to NHL, a player injury can totally change the game in other sports too such as soccer, NBA, and others. Before placing a soccer bet, don’t forget to view free soccer picks and boost your chance of winning. 

Line Matchup

As well as injuries in a team it’s also worth looking at how a team lines up and comparing the two sides. From there, you’ll be able to find strengths and weaknesses. Also, where the battles lie and what markets are most suitable to place.

For example, you might find that a front line measures favorably against an opposing backline. Usually, would offer opportunities within the Over/Under Goals market as well as goalscorers and more. 

Line Matchup is also important in other sports too such as Basketball. In the NBA, players like LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard will definitely strengthen their teams. Check today’s NBA picks and parlays.

Zig-Zag Theory

The Zig-Zag Theory is a popular betting strategy across US sports. It applies when betting on a series, most commonly the playoffs.

Essentially it involves betting on the team who lost the previous game. According to the zig-zag theory, the losing team will be desperate to bounce back

Within this, there are things which you should consider further. Such as whether the next fixture is a home game or not for that losing team. As well as general form and understanding of the two teams in question. Essentially, it’s a theory that is best to use when the teams match evenly.

Martingale System

The Martingale System is a strategy based upon how you bet rather than who you bet on. It is designed to help you make a profit no matter what. This can be relatively quickly, or over a longer period of time, which is where problems can be caused.

Basically, the system operates by doubling your stake every time you lose, so that in theory you will recoup losses when you do win.

Of course, when playing this you’ll have to ensure each time the odds you place will cover the previous losses. Certainly, it can be a complicated and rather long process if you continue to lose.

In the case of a losing streak, you may also run out of a bankroll. Therefore, you really do need to think about taking this system on, although it is effective.

NHL Betting Strategies - Arbitrage Betting

If you’re unsure about a wager or want to ensure a guaranteed profit, then the arbitrage betting system is always worth considering for NHL bets. 

This involves covering all bases within a bet, so if you’re betting on a Moneyline wager you’d back both teams. This is done by finding value to guarantee a profit. To find the value you have to compare odds across sites. Then, adjust your stake to ensure that the winnings from either bet will cover the stake that’ll be lost from the accompanying wager. 

Similarly, Matched betting also follows a similar process but benefiting from sportsbook free bets on offer. 

Both these strategies won’t make you tons of profit. However, eventually can make a significant amount as well as also preventing you from losing money too. 

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