Greyhound Betting Strategies: Tips, System, Hedging

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March 16, 2020

Greyhound betting is hugely popular around the planet. Generally speaking, it has a lot of similarities to betting on horse racing. Here, you’ll find some of the most popular greyhound betting strategies and key things to consider when betting on greyhound racing.

It’s racing around a track but it’s far from that simple when it comes to betting. There’s plenty to think about when betting on greyhounds and having a strategy can prove lucrative.

Greyhound Betting Strategies - Prepare & Do Your Research

Like any sports betting, preparation will give you the best chance of picking a winnerIn horse racing, you wouldn’t think twice about analyzing the racecard, and it’s the same here.

Exploring the previous form of a dog is always important. Because, if a dog is in a good form, then, it is more likely to win among the others. Also, look out for things such as the weather conditions as some dogs prefer certain conditions in comparison to others.

Know your dogs, know your traps and understand the racing conditions. This will put you on the front foot when it comes to placing your bets.

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Follow Insider Tips

As well as your own research, take note of what other people are saying. Follow greyhound tipsters, whether it be through publications, online articles or social media and back your dog accordingly.

Experts will have much more information than yourself. As they’ll have access to trainers, watch training and have much more knowledge of the dogs who are looking good. 

Start With Simple Bets

Not many people are complete experts in greyhound betting. Therefore, it’s best to start with more simple wagers and build up to complex wagers like Heinz betting or Trixies. 

Once comfortable with the basic markets, then move on to the more exotic and lucrative betting markets.

Martingale System

Using a betting system is often a useful method of picking a winner. There are a number of systems that can boost your chances of making a profit.

One such system is the Martingale System, which operates to help prevent losses over time. The way it works is upon every loss you double your stake in order to recoup what you’ve lost previously.

Naturally, you could well go on a losing streak which can prove costly. However, long as you have a bankroll to do so, you can win it back.

It’s a popular system across all types of gambling, including casinos. But, you need to ensure with any market that the odds must stack up to recoup losses.


If you’re unsure about a race it’s a good opportunity to hedge your bets in order to boost the chances of a profit. 

Hedging is when you bet on multiple outcomes to increase the likelihood of a win. It can be complex when considering how much you can win or lose, but it’s a safer option. Indeed, playing sensibly can almost guarantee you come away with a return.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is another strategy designed to prevent losing money rather than make a profit. 

You can make a profit, generally around 20% per month. Certainly, the whole point is to spread your bets and cover all bases in order to make a profit.

This is done by finding the best value across multiple bookmakers, tailoring your stakes to ensure profit no matter what the outcome. 

Greyhound Betting Strategies - Use Free Bets

Particularly, new players should use free bets to both understand greyhound betting and make that little bit extra profit.

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