Arbitrage Betting Basics

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November 3, 2018

It would be really nice if you could win a bet every time you made one wouldn’t it? Well, Arbitrage betting is effectively that. Known to many as Arbing, not to mention affectionate nicknames such as “miraclebet”, “surebet” and “surewin”, it’s a bet that aims to provide profit every time you play it.

Sounds good right?

Naturally there’s a little more too it. Below you’ll find our full guide to Arbitrage betting including what it does and how to play it…

What Is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a system that allows you to cover all bases of a bet but still make a profit.

This is usually done on a wager where there is just two outcomes and there are discrepancies within the odds to allow for profit to be had either way.

It’s becoming increasingly popular as a type of matched betting, using maths and equations to win rather than a hunch or analysis of form.

How To Play Arbitrage Betting

In general bookmakers will give themselves an edge in order to make profit. This means that the total odds will be over 100% for all outcomes.

However, Arbing involves using varying bookmakers to find a negative margin, so falling under 100%, which you can then make profit from.

For example:

Let’s say you were to place a bet on a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Different bookmakers may have different odds.

So, the odds from 888sport could look like this:

  • Floyd Mayweather @ 1.30 (-333)
  • Manny Pacquiao @ 3.93 (+293)

This would provide a market to the bookmaker of 102.4%, giving them an edge.

The odds with FanDuel could be different though, with them offering odds at:

  • Floyd Mayweather @ 1.42 (-238)
  • Manny Pacquiao @ 2.90 (+190)

This would give FanDuel an edge also at 104.9%.

However, if you were to combine the odds on Mayweather with FanDuel and the Pacquiao odds with 888sport, that would produce a 95.9% margin and guarantee you profit via the Arbitrage System.

You do need to work out the stake to place in order to earn profit. In this example if you were to place $100 on Mayweather (returning $142 if he wins) and $36.13 on Pacquiao (returning $141.99). This would guarantee you profit either way, at around $5.86.

There a lot of online tools to calculate stakes for surebets.

Can You Make Much Money From Arbitrage Betting?

As you can tell from the example above, the profits aren’t huge with each bet and therefore the only way to make serious profit is by repeating the process regularly.

You’ll often find the opportunities to place this type of bet regularly across bookmakers, so it is worthwhile as a low-risk, slow burner of a profit maker.

You can generally make around 15% per month in this market, although it naturally does take up time and resource in finding the bookmakers to play with.

What Bookmakers Can I Use The Arbitrage System On?

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with Arbing at any bookmaker, and most who adopt the system will have accounts with most of the major online outlets.

Here at Gambler Saloon we work with dozens of fantastic bookies, ideal for analysing and playing the system

Just head across to our bookmakers page for all the very best bookies around and sign up to a number to make the most of this system.

What Sports Can I Play Using The Arbitrage System?

You can use this system on practically any sport although it’s always easier to back a market where there are only two outcomes.

This could be either a sport where it’s only possible to win, or perhaps the over/under market where, again, only two outcomes are possible.

You’ll find something to play with almost any sport, with a full list below of all the best sports to play Arbitrage Betting with…

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