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February 6, 2021
super bowl legal betting

80 million of Americans will bet about $12.5 billion on this year’s Super Bowl. The record number is about 12 million more people who wagered on the Big Game last year. But too much of this money will still go to illegal online gambling sites. Instead today it is possible to gamble legally in New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and West Virginia players, as well as obviously in Nevada.

For the Super Bowl 2021 betting odds, the favorites seem to be the Kansas City Chiefs who are expected to overtake the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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Super Bowl - Online US Legal Bookmakers

Nearly five million will place a bet through an online or mobile platform, either through a licensed, legal operator or an illegal offshore book, a 19 per cent increase from last year.

We at Gambler Saloon love sports betting and that’s why we have selected the best online US legal bookmakers for you. In other words below you will find the best Super Bowl Free Bonuses and the best Super Bowl Odds to bet online and win real money, all legally in the US.

For the Super Bowl 2021 at least three American in ten will bet on average between 50 and 100 dollars. In 2020, according to estimates by the American Gaming Association, 70% of bets ended up on illegal circuits. The problem is that unfortunately this year too much of this money will once again go to offshore betting sites. Legal online and retail US sportsbooks are expected to take only $3 billion in Super Bowl bets.

Why, however, this year do not bet on legal sites in the US? The above bookmakers offer Free Bonuses to bet for free and win real money! Opening a new game account is easy, fast and you can bet from mobile.

We at Gambler Saloon only promote legal gaming in the US and you should not play on illegal sites. The ban on sports betting was canceled in 2018 or when the US Supreme Court canceled the PASPA.  Since then, many US states are opening up to the legalization of online sports betting and online casino gaming. To learn more read our legal US Sportsbooks

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