US Online Betting Legality – Is It Illegal To Bet Online In The US?

Peter N
March 15, 2020
us online betting legality

Online betting is incredibly complex in the USA. There are dozens of rules and regulations and you’ll find the aspect legal in one state, it will be completely illegal in another. If you’re looking to know about the US online betting legality including sports betting, casino, and poker, we are here to provide the answers.  

Certainly, the online betting landscape is forever changing and here at Gambler Saloon, we update the news daily. 

Is It Illegal To Bet Online In The US?

It is legal to bet online in the United States, but it isn’t quite as simple as being able to bet anywhere you want.

Only certain states allow online betting, with bills having been passed in recent years. 

In other states betting is completely illegal, while you will also find some only allow online sports betting and others only allow online casino betting. 

Below you’ll find a full breakdown of where you can bet on both aspects of online betting.

US Online Betting Legality - Which States Accept Online Casino Betting?

Online casino is an ever-growing industry and a number of states have now legalized the type of gaming to residents.

Players must be of legal gambling age to do so, and in order to play, you must be within state boundaries. 

Players do not have to reside in the state but simply have to be within the borders in order to play the likes of blackjack, roulette, slots, and baccarat. The states in which you can legally play online casino are:

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Alongside this, some states are also offering online poker, which is treated separately to the online casino within bills and regulations.

Those states currently offering online poker include:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • Michigan
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US Online Betting Legality- Which States Accept Online Sports Betting?

When it comes to Sportsbook there has been a little more movement and you’ll have already found a number of huge sports teams making deals to become official betting partners, despite online sports betting not being legal in the state.

Indeed, there is a growing number of states launching online sports betting and that number will increase across 2020. 

At the present time (March 2020), the states in which you can place online sports bets legally are: 

Where Is Online Gambling Completely Illegal?

There are a lot of states where online betting is completely illegal.

There is progress being made in a number of stages, however. Bills are being put forward each and every month and you’ll find full updates. In fact, all the latest news on our State of the Union page.

Additionally, you’ll also find all the Sportsbooks and online casinos that are legal in particular states alongside full reviews so you can select the very best to sign up too!

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