NFL Against The Spread History & Odds Database

Paul R
October 9, 2020
NFL Against the Spread

When it comes to betting on the NFL, doing your research is key. Here at Gambler Saloon, we do meticulous research before delivering any of our NFL picks. We’d advise you do too, especially when it comes to the spread betting.

Of course, it’s no guaranteed way of ensuring you pick up a win, but analyzing the data on fixtures down the years will paint a much clearer picture of spreads and how a result may go.

Below you’ll find how using an Against the Spread database works, and the best information to take note of to ensure you’re backing the right NFL teams…

How An NFL Historical Odds Database Works

You’ll find many sites offer historical odds databases and they essentially track every game across the NFL logging a team’s start price in the likes of the point spread market, over/under and the correct score, and then logging the actual scoreline.

This then drives the database you use when you begin to search for the outcomes you wish to see on a particular game.

You’ll be required to fill in a series of information for a database to spit out the results you need, which includes:

  • Team: This is the team you potentially wish to bet on. 
  • Opponent: The opponent of a team, although if you want the bigger picture you can often leave this blank.
  • Number of Games: This allows you to look at the record over 10, 20, or 30 games, or a specific number defined by you.
  • Played In: Here you can break up the data by month, or preseason, regular season, or postseason. All these factors can have an impact on the result of a game.
  • Venue: You can select whether you wish to see home games, on the road games, or both.
  • Range: Here you can select the points range which will allow you to delve further into the details of results.

All this data will then be displayed and you can see how frequently a team won against the spread. Also, how often they were favorites or underdogs against one side, and much, much more. All of which can help inform your betting.

Don’t Just Consider Historical Data

Historical data and odds databases can be extremely useful in highlighting trends between the two teams. However, you also need the context of what is happening today too.

As well as using historical databases, you need to consider a wide number of factors before placing your bets. Our NFL picks always consider a huge range of variables, including:

  • Current Form: How are teams performing today!
  • Injuries & Suspensions: Are there certain players missing which could impact the game.
  • Context of the Game: What is riding on it for both teams? Has one team already secured play-off status while another is fighting for a place?
  • Weather: The weather on the day can often have a say.
  • Coaching: A team may have a new coach who conducts completely different plays.

Factor all this in, as well as historical data and top picks from experts in the know, and you could just put yourself in the best possible place to be a success.

Author Paul R