How To Play Virtual Sports – A Complete Guide

Peter N
March 20, 2020
how to play virtual sports

Virtual Sports Betting is fast becoming one of the most popular online betting markets. Unlike, real-time matches there is no end to the virtual action, so you can wager any time of day or night. Through US virtual sports betting, players can wager on a whole host of sporting events 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In fact, even during the offseason. Let us look in detail how to play virtual sports, how virtual sports work, and a list of US virtual sports betting operators.

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports provide customers with new user experience and entertainment. These games are usually very short and over in a flash of an eye. Players can wager on various different sports with race and events every 90 seconds lasting for 3 minutes. Therefore, more chances of winning and more fun.

In short, virtual sports are electronic games that generate visual feedback on a display device.

The outcome from each match is generated by a computer algorithm that picks the winner in a non-bias way.  Advanced algorithms determine the outcome; they account for the skill of the participants as well as the luck elements inherent in real-world sporting events. All customers view the same schedules and the same outcomes.

Modern computers with motion capture technologies produce more complex sports animations. These graphics make you feel like you are actually in the stadium or standing next to a racetrack.

You can stream the match and events with a high-quality video. Indeed, you can wager 24 hours a day which giving punters an endless source of gambling opportunities.

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How to play Virtual Sports?

While playing virtuals, concentrate on the player profiles given by the operators which add to the reward factor from virtual sports.

Playing Virtual Sports isn’t much different from fantasy sports.

  • Select the event/sport you want to bet on.
  • Click on the price and your selection will automatically appear on your bet slip.
  • In the provided box, enter the amount you want to stake, and potential winnings will appear.
  • Finally, to place the bet click on ‘Place Bets’
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Virtual Sports Betting Strategy

For Virtual Sports, there are a number of betting systems that aim to take advantage of prevailing trends. By all means, these systems provide an opportunity for bettors to make small profits on a long-term basis.

Not to mention, Virtual Betting is similar to regular betting, so we recommend you to remember those well-rehearsed rules. For beginners’ sports wagers, it is best to practice sports betting strategic tips using virtual sports.

Do not chase losses, and consider each bet as an investment. This way, it is possible to minimize risk and maximize the potential for long-term profit. Certainly, this rule is the key building block to betting success.

The good place to start virtual sportsbetting is on football. Because football is already such a popular bet with a less learning curve.

For racing events consider the below points when picking your virtual horse/greyhound.

  • Compare the favorite to the longest odds in the field.
  • Based on the entire environment, pay attention to an obvious favorite
  • For the highest payout, always consider Forecast or Tricast bet types.
  • Maintain a wagering system to control fund flows

US Virtual Sports Betting Legal Operators

Virtual sports betting has become an important part of every bookmaker’s sports betting offer. Some betting houses and racinos also use virtual sports software because clients use to bet more than with normal sports.  

At the present time, you can bet on Virtual sportsbetting only in New Jersey. And it’s likely to appear in many more casinos around the country in the coming years. Indeed, Nevada is expected to have virtual sports betting soon. 

Especially, operators we mention here offer a diverse and growing virtual sports offerings. Those include the latest market-leading 3D game graphic and Hollywood motion capture technology with a sophisticated virtual simulator. In general, players can bet on sports like horse racing, football, tennis, and basketball.

You can now bet on virtual sports at one of the many New Jersey online sports betting operators. Some of them are as follows:

Golden Nugget and Resorts AC have deals in place with Inspired Gaming. So, we can expect to see more virtual gaming action in the future.

FAQs - US Virtual Sports Betting

How do I place multiple bets?

The process is similar to that of a single bet. But the bet slip will create your multiple. Now, choose your bet type such as double, Trixie, treble, and so on. Then enter the amount you want to stake. Your potential winning will appear on the screen. Finally, click on ‘Place Bets’.

What are some advantages of betting on virtual racing events?

  1. No need to consider horse form or age. In fact, all races are completely independent of one another.
  2. The top-notch graphics make a realist simulation that leaves you in amazement of looking like reality.
  3. No need to wait for a race to start again. Certainly, you can bet around the clock and on-demand.
  4. The random number generating software powers the outcomes. Therefore, corruption is not possible by the operators.

What is Forecast Betting?

These types of bets are available for racing events such as greyhound races and horse races. Provided, 3 or more entries run in any one race. There are three types of Forecast Bets:

  • Straight Forecast – Name two selections to come 1st and 2nd in the correct order for a specific event.
  • Reversed Forecast – Name two selections to come 1st and 2nd in any order for a specific event.
  • Combination Forecast – Choose three or more selections in an event, with any of these to finish 1st and 2nd in the race.

What is Tricast Betting?

With this type of bet, you name the selections to finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the correct order for a specific race. Not to mention, all tricast bets are settled in accordance with the appropriate industry divided except in some cases.

What markets are available for betting on Virtual sports?

There as usually 4 types of bets for racing events. Those include Win, Forecast, Tricast, and Each Way. You can virtually bet on racing games such as Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Cycling Motor Racing, and Speedway.

The most popular sports markets available for betting on virtuals are Soccer and Tennis. There are different types of bets available for these sports such as

  • Match odds
  • Over/Under
  • 5 Goals
  • Total number of Goals
  • Correct Score
  • Double Chance
  • Match odds
  • Total number of Points

US Virtual Sports Demo

Find below demos of available virtual sports in the USA.

Virtual Football

Virtual Basketball

Virtual Tennis

Virtual Car Racing

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