How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Gambler Saloon
February 25, 2019

Wanna know how to play Daily Fantasy Sports? This post contains a comprehensive guide: you will learn all the rules, secrets and tricks!

Daily Fantasy Sports is fast becoming a global phenomenon with millions of players already in on the action.With potentially millions of dollars in the prize pot, and it legal in all but three states, it’s the perfect way to take your fantasy sports playing to a whole new level.

It does differ slightly to the traditional fantasy sport format however. So just how do you play Daily Fantasy Sports?

How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily Fantasy Sports do follow a traditional format of fantasy sports but ultimately are played much quicker, offering payouts every day.

Rather than an entire season gameplay is across one matchday, so in the likes of MLB and NBA that could be within a day, with NFL usually a couple of days given Thursday and Monday night football.

The game begins by players having to choose a fantasy team of real players, completing it with a salary cap in place. Due to the scale of Daily Fantasy Sports, your picks are independent of everyone else and in effect you could have completely the same team as someone else.

Leagues generally cost a couple of dollars to enter, with the prizes often worth thousands upon thousands in return.

How To Choose A Daily Fantasy Sports Team

Of course, the most important aspect of any fantasy sports game is picking the right team and once signed up to a Daily Fantasy Sports site it’s the next port of call.

Plenty of thought needs to go into drafting a team with budget, form and fixtures needed to be kept in mind.

When drafting a team you will need to select a full team sticking within your salary cap. Every player will cost a different price, with the players more likely to score high numbers of points naturally costing more.

You can make changes to your team until the first game gets underway, although specific timings may vary depending on which Daily Fantasy Sports site you’re playing with.

Finding a mix of high scorers and underdog type players is always useful and analysing where you can get good value from cheaper players is a must to be successful.

There are plenty of sites which offer tips and advice on which players to select week by week, which is always worth exploring and listening to.

Types of Daily Fantasy Football To Play

There are a range of different types of league you can play with Daily Fantasy Football, all of which offer plenty of excitement and entertainment.

Across a wide range of sports, from football to baseball you can play in leagues of thousands of players or smaller, head-to-head type leagues.

Popular tournaments to play include:

  • Head-to-Head Leagues
  • Double Up Games
  • Sit-N-Go Games
  • Large Leagues
  • Triple/Quadruple Up Games
  • Beginners Leagues

Naturally, for those new to fantasy sports it’s ideal to start in the beginners league to learn the craft a little more.

Entering league tournaments on a larger scale is a much better way to learn and is generally easier to play than going directly into head-to-heads which often sees more advanced players.

Once you have a clear understanding of how leagues work, then you can take a look at head-to-head leagues which can often be lucrative.

Where To Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Once it’s time to put your knowledge into practise there are a couple of major Daily Fantasy sports sites in which you can play with.

DraftKings and Fanduel are the two most popular sites to play at with millions of users already enjoying their wide range of sports and leagues to play in.

We’ll continue to bring you all the very best fantasy sports sites to play at as the game continues to become more popular than ever before.

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