How to Bet Parlay on Unibet?

Peter N
December 12, 2022
unibet how to bet a parlay

Since the US legalized sports betting, lots of operators have gone live across the country. Being a reliable and growing sportsbook in the US betting market, Unibet has a tremendous selection and variety of betting options. The betting types feature totals, teasers, props, futures, halves, money lines, live betting, point spreads, and over/under. Unibet offer sports bettors the opportunity to wager in multiple ways on their favorite sports in the United States.

Among the many betting options at the Unibet Sport site is a parlay. Though they come with a certain risk, this betting option is exciting and offers potentially huge payouts . Unibet online sportsbook is one of the best sportsbooks to place a parlay bet. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to bet parlay on Unibet.

What is a Parlay Bet?

A parlay is a form of betting that allows players to place several wagers on one and the same ticket. In other words, a parlay is a single sports bet that involves two or more selections. If one of the selections loses, you lose your full stake. Parlays must be straight bets only; they cannot include any prop bets or futures bets.

Certainly, combining bets gives you a larger reward, but with worse odds. Therefore, if used properly, parlay bets generates a lot of profit. If not, it can cause you to bust.

For example, you bet on the Giants, Patriots, and the 49ers to win using the same stake. In order to win the parlay bet, all three must win their game. In simple words, if any of those teams lose, the entire bet loses. However, if you win the parlay bet, you’ll earn a much larger payout.

Want to learn more about parlay? Check our parlay guide, where we explain in detail how does a parlay bet works.

For placing a parlay bet, start creating a Unibet account and start placing bets using below steps:

Unibet NJ SPortsbook login

Step 1: Sign-in or Sign-up to Unibet

Unibet sportsbook is currently available in New Jersey, IndianaPennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona. In addition, they also have a license to operate in Iowa . Here, you can bet on all popular sports such as soccer, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, and many more. For example, if you wanted to participate in online sports and you are located in New Jersey, you could place a prop bet or live bet or significant events such as the Super Bowl on the Unibet NJ app.

As a parlay bet is a real money wager, you need to have a valid online sportsbook account to start wagering. Creating a Unibet sportsbook account is simple.

All you need to do is click on our exclusive Unibet link, then click the ‘Join Now’ tab to begin the registration process.

Complete the registration process and verify your account via email. When you make an initial deposit of a minimum $10, you can take the advantage of risk-free bet of up to $500. There is no Unibet promo code or bonus code required to claim this offer, simply sign up, make your first deposit and get a risk free bet in return.

Step 2: Adding Bets to your Betslip

As now you have the Unibet account, you can begin to place your bets. On the homepage of the Unibet sports website, you can find all live and featured sports and games. Also, on the left side of the website, you can find all sports available on the website.

With a wide range of sports to choose from, it is possible to add a number of different sports into your parlay.

Select the events you want to bet and click the odds you’d like to play. The selections will be added to your bet slip automatically. Not to mention, you can add as many selections as you like into your bet slip.

Unibet NJ Sportsbook Parlay

Step 3: Set up your Parlay Bet

As you make the selections, the parlay section of your bet slip shows the Unibet betting odds that you are about to play. Enter the stake amount into the parlay wager box within your betslip.

The betslip automatically displays the potential payout with respect to your selections and stake.

As the odds, markets, or availability might change as time passes, you should set up your parlay bet as fast as possible.

Making changes to your Betslip

While placing a parlay bet, you might need to edit the selections. Here, you can amend your betslip as many times as you like, before placing the bet. Certainly, you can add a new selection, delete a selection, or change the stake.

Not to mention, as you make a change to your betslip, the potential payout also changes accordingly.

You can click on the ‘Clear Betslip’ option to delete all selections on the betslip at a time. In addition, you can remove each bet by clicking on the ‘x’ option beside it.

Step 4: Place Your Bets

The final step is to place your wager. Recheck all the selections along with the odds and potential payout, then click on the ‘Place Bet’ tab.

Once you place your bets, you can sit back, relax and hope for the winnings to start rolling in.

Unibet NJ sportsbook mobile app

Unibet Same Game Parlay

Single game parlays have become an extremely popular form of parlay wagering in the US. Since FanDuel introduced an same game parlay (SGP) in 2018, every online sportsbook has followed suit with their own version.

Unibet makes SGPs straightforward by allowing bettors to easily find the section for each game. Additionally, unlike other sports betting sites, Unibet offers SGPs for games played worldwide, enabling players to create an SGP on English Soccer leagues as well as for domestic sports such as the NFL and NBA. This adds extra flexibility and is an excellent feature.

An SGP is ideal for championship-round dates, where you may not be able to create a typical parlay. For example, if you were using the Unibet Arizona sportsbook you could wager on the Arizona Cardinals to win, Kyler Murray to throw for over 255.5 yards and the team to score more than 25.5 points.

SGPs add a lot of fun to the parlay wagering experience and are available for any game.

States where Unibet Sportsbook App is available

Although, as we have mentioned above, Unibet is an excellent platform for parlay betting, it is still a relatively new name in the US sports wagering space. At the moment Unibet legal sports betting options are available in the below states:

Unibet Arizona

Unibet Pennsylvania

Unibet New Jersey

Unibet Iowa

Unibet Indiana

Unibet Virginia

It is expected Unibet Maryland will be available soon.

Whether you sign up for a Unibet account at the Unibet PA or Unibet AZ sportsbooks, you will receive a risk free bet worth up to $500 when you make your first deposit. There is no sportsbook promo code required to get this welcome bonus.

Users will also have access to features such as in-play betting and cash out as well as excellent odds and betting lines.

Bet Parlay on Unibet – FAQs

Is there any parlay promotion available on Unibet?

Currently, the Unibet sportsbook offers Weekly Boost Parlay promotion. With this promotion, Unibet offers the best pay-outs on all your parlay boosts.

Certainly, when you place a 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way parlay bets, boost your returns by 10%, 20%, and 30% respectively.

In order to qualify for the boost, each selection in your bet-slip must have odds of -500 or greater (i.e. -400, -300).

How to calculate odds of a parlay bet on Unibet?

Once you make the selections and add the stake, the betslip of the Unibet sportsbook automatically calculates the parlay odds and potential payout.

In general, here is how the parlay odds are calculated in the background:

If you make the selections of two games with odds +150 and +370 respectively and place the stake of $50. Then, the parlay odds are calculated as

[(150+100) x (370+100) / 100] -100    =    +1075

For combined odds of +1075 parlay bet, the potential payout is [50 x (1075 +100)] /100 = $587.50.

On what sports can I bet parlay on Unibet?

On Unibet, you can place a parlay bet on all major sports such as soccer, tennis, hockey, golf, football, basketball, baseball, boxing, and others.

Check our free soccer picks and tennis odds prediction to boost your chance of winning your bets.

Can I bet parlay on Unibet mobile app?

Yes, you can bet parlay on Unibet mobile app. The Unibet sportsbook offers a sports betting app that allows you to place a wager when you are on the go.

By using the mobile app, you can register for a new account, deposit money, and place & manage wagers.

The Unibet sportsbook mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. Certainly, it is available to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I place parlay bet on Unibet from West Virginia?

Unfortunately, you cannot place a parlay on Unibet from West Virginia. Because, to place a real money wager, Unibet verifies your location using geo-location technology.

Though Unibet is legal in many states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Iowa, the online sportsbook is available for New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania players only for now.

Author Peter N