How to Bet Parlay on TwinSpires?

Peter N
July 20, 2021
TwinSpires sportsbook Parlay Guide

If you are looking to place a parlay bet, you’ve come to the right place! TwinSpires is one of the best sportsbooks in the US market to place an exotic bet like a parlay. The operator gives you an option to place parlays on all major sports and leagues in the US along with top international sports events.

TwinSpires sportsbook is currently live in Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Michigan. In all these states, TwinSpires also offers insurance and profit boost promotions on the parlay giving you an opportunity to earn huge winnings with a small stake. 

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about a parlay bet including a step-by-step guide on how to bet parlay on TwinSpires sportsbook.

What is a Parlay Bet?

Parlay betting is a common way to bet on the sports which allows you to raise the stakes for a larger payout. Placing a parlay involves is a single bet that links together two or more selections, in which all of the selections have to win. In other words, bettors place multiple bets, tie them together in the same bet, and enjoy a huge payouts when the bets come in.

When you add more bets to the parlay, bigger the payout will be with a greater risk. Meaning, if a single bet losses, the entire parlay bet loses as well.

For example: If you place a 3-leg NBA parlay bet with the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Golden State Warriors all winning their games. The parlay bet will only payout if each of these three teams comes out with a victory. In other words, if any team loses then the entire parlay bet loses.

How to place a parlay on TwinSpires sportsbook?

Step 1: Sign-in or Sign-up to TwinSpires

In order to place a parlay or any real-money sports wager on TwinSpires, you must hold a valid account. Registration process is simple and it doesn’t more than a couple of minutes. 

All you need to do is click on this link to create a new TwinSpires sportsbook account using BET1000 promo code. Once you sign-in, make the first deposit.

Step 2: Adding Bets to your Betslip

Once you have a money in your TwinSpires account, you can start placing the bets. On the homepage of TwinSpires sportsbook, you’ll find all popular sports and leagues. 

You can choose to bet on any market and it is pretty easy to add different sports into your parlay. All you need to do is select the sports event you’d like to bet and simply click the odds you wish to play. 

The selections will be automatically added to the bet slip. Certainly, you can add a maximum of 12 selections into a parlay bet.

Check your bet slip at the right side of the page, where you can find the potential payout for all your selections.

Step 3: Set up your Parlay Wager

You can find the odds of combined selections under the parlay section of your bet slip. One can calculate winnings by entering the stake money into the box within your bet slip.

Once you enter the betting amount, you can see the potential payout for the selections made. 

You should set up the parlay wager as fast as possible, because the odds, markets, or availability of your bet might change. You’ll be asked to ‘Approve Odds Change’ of entire parlay even of there is a small change of odds on one selection. 

Amending your Betslip

TwinSpires allow you to make changes as many times as you like to the parlay wager on the betslip. One can update the betslip different ways, such as adding/deleting a bet and changing the stake. As you make changes to your parlay wager, the potential payout also changes accordingly.

Beside each selection, you’ll find a small icon allowing you to remove the selection from the bet slip. In addition, there is also a ‘Clear betslip’ icon which helps you to delete all selections in a single click.

Step 4: Place Your Bets

This is the final and most important step. At the bottom of your bet slip, click the ‘Place Bet’ tab to lock and place your parlay wager.

On the confirmation screen, verify all selections, odds, and payout. Finally, approve the bet.

TwinSpires sportsbook settles your parlay bet only after all events (your parlay involved) are completed. 

Ready to Play?

If you are ready to place a parlay bet with TwinSpires sports, click here to signup now.

Once you create a new account and make an initial deposit, you can take advantage of the risk-free bets up to $1000.


Who are eligible to place TwinSpires parley bet?

Players who are at least 21 years of age can open a TwinSpires sportsbook account and place a parlay bet. In order to place a real-money parlay bet, players must be present within the state borders of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Is there any promotion available to bet parlay on TwinSpires sports?

The Twinspires offers a risk- free bonus up to $1000. Use the bonus code BET1000 while creating an account. In addition, the sportsbook also offers parlay specific promotions such as: 

  • Multi Sport Parlay Insurance: Make a 4+ leg parlay, and if one selection loses, TwinSpires refund your loses up to $25.
  • Parlay Profit Boost: The bigger your parlay bet, the bigger your profit boost. 

Can I bet parlay on TwinSpires mobile app?

Absolutely! You can bet parlay on TwinSpires sports mobile app which is free to download on your smart mobile device. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Players can download the app either from the App Store and Play Store or directly from the TwinSpires website.

Is there any risk for placing a parlay bet?

The main reason that the players go for parlay bet is for a big payout. That big pay-out comes at a cost. We encourage players to gamble only for entertainment purposes. If the amount you bet is high, then the risk is also high. Hence, it is always safe to place small bets.

How to calculate Parlay Odds?

Parlay odds can be calculated by dividing the total return amount by the wager amount to get a decimal multiplier for each bet involved in the parlay. Payouts will increase or decrease with the number of games added to the parlay but also with the varying odds for those bets.

Good news, TwinSpires sportsbook automatically calculates the odds and is shown on the bet slip. 

More about TwinSpires Sportsbook

Churchill Downs launched retail sportsbooks and mobile betting sites in multiple states under their BetAmerica brand. With Kambi as their software partner, Churchill Downs expanded its marketplace with the rebranding of BetAmerica to TwinSpires throughout the country.

TwinSpires holds gaming licenses in multiple states and is in good standing with regulators in every jurisdiction where it operates. Here is the list of states where TwinSpires online sportsbook is live along with their retail casino partners:

The TwinSpires sports betting app is simple and easy to use. The mobile app is available in both Android & iOS versions. Players can choose to bet from 13+ leagues, a “popular” games section, live games, or futures. You can bet on all popular sports leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, Champions League, EPL, UEFA Euros, UFC, and NHL.

The sportsbook is offering a $1,000 risk-free bet for its new customers. In order to claim the risk-free bonus, players must enter ‘BET1000′ promo code while registering for a TwinSpires account. The most popular promotions include Odds Boosts and Free Bets on major sports leagues – NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB.

Author Peter N