How to Bet Parlay on BetAmerica?

Peter N
May 3, 2020

BetAmerica, America’s top horse racing wagering platform, offers online sports betting and casino too. BetAmerica sportsbook offers everything from the latest events, live betting, an early cash-out option with the best odds for all betting options. Such as parlays, teasers, spreads, money lines, prop bets, and others. Here at GamblerSaloon, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to open an account and steps to bet parlay on BetAmerica online sportsbook.

At the present time, BetAmerica online sportsbook is available in New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

Step 1: Open an account with BetAmerica

To place a real money wager like a parlay bet, you need to create an account with BetAmerica. Signing up is simple, you can create an account on your PC/mobile browser or via mobile app.

To open an account with BetAmerica, players must be at least 21 years of age. All you need to do is click on our exclusive BetAmerica sportsbook link and fill the registration form. Don’t forget to check which BetAmerica betting bonus code you have to use in order to get a welcome free bet.

Once you complete the registration process, you need to verify your account via email. With a successful verification, you can deposit money into your account and start placing bets.

Step 2: Adding Selections to your Betslip

As now you have the BetAmerica sportsbook account, you can start placing a parlay bet. On the homepage of the BetAmerica sportsbook, you can find Live games, highlights, and upcoming games. On the left side of the page, you can find all popular bets and available sports on BetAmerica Sportsbook.

With a wide range of sports to choose from, it is possible to add a number of different spots into your parlay.

Select the events you want to bet and click the odds you’d like to play. The selections will be added to your betslip automatically. In fact, you can add as many selections as you like into your bet slip.

Step 3: Setup your Parlay Bet

On the right side of your page, all selections along with the odds are shown on the Betslip, Enter the stake amount into the parlay wager box within your betslip.

The betslip automatically displays the total stake and possible winnings with respect to your selections.

One should set up the parlay bet as fast as possible because the odds, markets, or availability might change as games progress.

Amending the Betslip

You might need to edit selections while placing a parlay. Certainly, you can amend your bet slip as many times as you can. Such as adding a new selection, delete a selection, or change the stake.

In fact, as you make the changes to your betslip, the potential payout also changes accordingly.

Click the ‘Clear All’ tab to delete all selections on the betslip at a time.

Step 4: Place Your Bets

This is the last step. Once you enter the stake amount, click the ‘Place Bets’ tab. You’ll see a confirmation screen, verify all selections, odds, and payout. Finally, confirm the bet.

You’ll get a confirmation notification as the bet is successful. To check your parlay pending bets, go to the Account section of your account and check the ‘Pending Bets’ options.

Not to mention, your parlay bet is settled only after all the events are completed.

What is a Parlay Bet?

We all like the thrill of a score. Because, we wanted to win not just enough money to buy a beer, but to buy the whole bar a round of beer. It is possible not by straight bets, but you can make substantially more money on parlays.

Typically, a parlay bet is a single wager that links together at least two separate games. It requires all outcomes chosen to succeed to cash in. The house stake on a parlay bet is much higher than a traditional straight or single bet. Though there is a risk, you’ll bag huge money if your selections are right.

For instance, a sports fan turned $25 parlay into $104,000 at BetAmerica last year. It is one of the biggest sports betting payouts to date after nailing a 20-leg parlay. The lucky bettor placed a $25 parlay covering 20 different college and pro basketball games and got every single prediction correct to win the payout of a lifetime.

For more information on parlay bet, check our parlay guide.

Bet Parlay on BetAmerica – FAQs

Can I place a parlay bet on the BetAmerica sportsbook from anywhere in the US?

Parlay bet is a real money wager. Therefore, to place a parlay bet, you should be physically present within the states where BetAmerica online sportsbook is legal. At the present time, BetAmerica online sportsbook is available in Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

On what sports can I bet parlay on BetAmerica?

On BetAmerica, you can bet parlay with multiple selections on all major sports and leagues. Such as football, basketball, hockey, tennis, cricket, soccer, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and others.

Boost your chance of winnings with the help of our sports experts. Check our free soccer picks and tennis odds prediction

Can I bet parlay on BetAmerica mobile sportsbook app?

Yes, you can bet parlay on BetAmerica mobile app. The sports app is available for Android devices on Play Store and for iOS devices on App Store.

Alternatively, you can download the app by visiting the BetAmerica sportsbook website from an Android/iOS device., there is an icon to download the app at the bottom of the page.

Can I use the bonus to bet parlay on BetAmerica?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the bonus to place a parlay bet. As per the bonus rules, qualifying bets can be single straight bets with odds not more favorable than -200.

How to calculate parlay odds?

If you see the odds listed on the money line at -150, then you need to wager $150 to potentially win $100. Similarly, if the odds are +150, then you’ll win $150 if you bet $100.

To get the parlay odds, convert American odds into decimal odds and then multiply the decimal odds of Parlay Picks together.

For instance, for the selections the odds are +150 and -150: (150/100) +1 = 2.50; (100/150) +1 = 1.66;

The parlay odds are 2.50 x 1.66 = 4.0

Author Peter N