How To Bet On UFC Fights

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May 9, 2020
How To Bet On UFC

In this post you’ll learn all you need to know about UFC betting and how to bet on UFC fights.

The UFC is one of the biggest franchises on the planet, transforming mixed martial arts from an underground scene to a box office smash, even rivalling boxing.

Today, UFC have put on over 200 pay-per-view events right across the globe and it is now not only one of the most watched combat sports, but one of the most bet on too.

What Is The UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is MMA’s most prestigious and well known franchise. Founded in 1993, Dana White has made household names of some of its fighters including the likes of Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo.

A combination of different techniques across martial arts, it involves both striking and grappling, with UFC separated by 12 different weight divisions.

It’s a thrilling sport that really does divide opinion, particularly the boxing purists among us. But it can’t be said that UFC doesn’t capture the imagination and offer plenty of excitement each and every week.

How to Place a Bet on UFC fights ​

Of course, with excitement comes the desire to place a bet on it. UFC betting has become huge and there are dozens of different markets you can play to enjoy the action not only in the Octagon but outside it too.

Most major bookmakers will offer odds on the biggest UFC fights these days, and these are the sort of wagers you might want to place.

Types of UFC Bets​

Wanna know how to bet on UFC? Below you’ll find a number of the most popular UFC wagers, well worth taking a look at.

Most of the big bookmakers will offer these odds on all UFC events, no matter how small the fight, so you really can make a tidy profit on anyone.

Bout Betting

This wager is a simple one that just involves you placing a bet on the winner of the bout. If the fighter wins, you win.

Method of Victory

It gets a little trickier here. You will earn better odds but as well as picking the winner, you are also required to bet on how the fight will be won, for example knockout, submission or decision.

Round Betting

Here you have to select which fighter will win and what round they will win in. This is generally the wager that will offer you the best odds as it is much harder to predict.

Where to Bet on UFC Fights​

At this point you should know how to bet on UFC fights. But, where to bet? Most online bookmakers will offer UFC betting these days, with it now one of the most watched sports globally.

The likes of William Hill and 888sport will have odds on most fights from the global stars and main events to what’s appearing on the undercard.

On big fight nights you’ll often find that sites such as bet365 will offer a number of specials too as well as enhanced odds and free bet offers.

Make sure you head to our bookmakers page for all our favorite sites offering MMA betting.

UFC Betting Odds and Offers​

There’s no better way to enjoy UFC betting that with an offer or two, particularly if it’s a market you’re new to.

Every bookmaker will offer a great welcome bonus that will help you make a nice jackpot. UFC no deposit free bets are among the most popular and you’ll find a number of bookmakers giving these away on our betting offers page.

As well as that, you’ll often find a range of enhanced odds offers in the build up to major PPV events as well as money back specials and much, much more.

At Gambler Saloon we make sure we don’t miss a thing. So if you’re looking for fantastic UFC betting lines or offers, you really have come to the right place.

UFC Betting F.A.Q.

How to bet on the UFC?

UFC is one of the most popular sports nowadays and legal US sportsbooks provide you with a lot of betting markets and promotions. We suggest to visit our free bets page, choose your favorite welcome offer and start betting on the UFC (hopefully backing our picks).

Can I bet for free on the UFC?

Of course, you can. We are the leading US gambling portal in terms of free sportsbook bonuses. If a legit bookmaker offers a no deposit free bet, rest assured you can claim it via our website.

Where can I find the best UFC betting tips?

Our team of handicappers is made of professional bettors, with a proven record of profits and big wins. Our recommended bets on the UFC (as well as on the NFL, NBA, MLB and a plethora of sports we cover) are fully reasearched, based on statistical data, news and bettors’ experience.

Are there any UFC picks for today?

Our UFC experts check fights schedule every day and provide picks only on the bout where they have good chances to bash the bookies. You can find today’s recommended bets on our picks and predictions page.

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