How To Bet On The NFL Draft: Your Complete Guide

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April 22, 2020
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The NFL is one of the most popular sports on earth and before the season has even started excitement builds with the NFL Draft. While the die hard fans will know every inch of detail with the Draft, for the rest it can be incredibly confusing with many rules and rounds. Are you wondering “How To Bet On the NFL Draft“? Here at Gambler Saloon we understand the NFL Draft can be a confusing time for punters, but never fear, you can find all you need to know about the Draft right here…

What Is The NFL Draft?

Before answering to “how to bet on the NFL draft”, of course, first question is “what is the Draft”?

Well, that’s pretty simple. During the off-season every year the Draft takes place and is the NFL’s main form of recruitment for teams.

Every team is given a position in the Draft based upon their finishing position the season before in the league. The lowest finishing teams will receive the first pick in the Draft.

However, teams can trade their position in the Draft, often for another player, which is where it starts to get a bit more complex, although it’s generally well explained through the ample TV coverage the NFL Draft receives.

How Many Picks Are In The NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft has been in existence since the 1930s and today sees seven rounds that take place across April.

Each of the 32 NFL teams gets one pick in each round of the Draft, with the league also giving out 32 compensatory picks to teams at the end of the third round through to the seventh which can be traded.

Teams generally have to be quick in their picks and will receive information on player names, their positions and their schools ahead of the beginning of the Draft.

Rules Of The NFL Draft

During the first round of the NFL Draft, teams have 10 minutes to make their picks. In the second they have seven and that generally gets shorter all the way down to the seventh.

Times Teams Get To Pick:

  • First Round: 10 minutes
  • Second Round: 7 minutes
  • Third Round: 5 minutes
  • Fourth Round: 5 minutes
  • Fifth Round: 5 minutes
  • Sixth Round: 5 minutes
  • Seventh Round: 4 minutes

In order to enter the Draft, players must be three years removed from high school, so college players can enter following their junior season.

The NFL will confirm the eligibility of all Draft prospects which means checking around 3,000 players.

Players can also enter the Draft early as a redshirt sophomore, however this requires approval from the league. If accepted the NFL will work with the schools, agents and teams to ensure the players are well looked after.

The Supplemental Draft

As well as the initial draft, the league can also hold a Supplemental Draft for the players whose eligibility may have changed since the April NFL Draft.

Teams don’t necessarily have to participate in this draft, but if they do and select a player they will lose a pick from the following season’s NFL Draft.

How To Bet On The NFL Draft

There are a number of ways in which you can bet on the NFL Draft, most commonly backing odds on who will take first pick.

However, you will also find a large number of other markets available, including:

  • Which player will be first pick?
  • Which round will [Player] be drafted?
  • How many players will go in round one?
  • How many players from [School] will be drafted?
  • Which team will draft [Player]?

And a number more. You’ll find many sportsbook sites offer NFL Draft betting, including the likes of SugarHouse, Points Bet and Caesars.

To view all our favorite sportsbooks, head to our Betting Page where you’ll find more information as well as plenty of guides to help you place your bets on the NFL.

Betting On The NFL

Here at Gambler Saloon we’re huge fans of the NFL and offer betting picks right across the season.

Our experts follow the Draft closely to gain insight on how the season may go in regards to outright betting, with some Draft picks going onto become real legends of the game, making an instant impact.

You’ll find all our latest NFL picks for this week on our NFL Betting page, including game previews, news and betting offers.

Wanna know how to bet on NFL or where to bet on the NFL legally? We got you covered!

NFL Draft Betting FAQs

Can I bet online on the NFL draft?

There are a number of sportsbooks to bet on the NFL Draft this year. If you live in a state where online betting has been legalized (eg. New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, etc..) head over to our legal US sportsbooks article or check our recommended betting apps. Pennsylvania regulators at the moment do not currently allow betting on any professional drafts.

Where can I learn how to bet on the NFL?

Here at GamblerSaloon, you can find tons of betting guides on how to bet on the NFL, including betting strategies and systems that work.

Where can I find the best NFL picks?

We provide our readers with expert NFL Picks every week, from the NFL Draft ro regular season, play-offs and the Super Bowl.

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