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January 9, 2019

What are Prop and Future bets and how do you play them? Take a look at our ultimate guide and find out all you need to know below…

If you’re like us at Gambler Saloon, you’re always thinking about the next wager. Where is the value to be had and where are the most exciting fixtures of the upcoming week?

It’s rare a punter won’t place a bet in advance of a fixture, and that means playing the Future and Prop Bet market.

They’re two of the most common types of wager on the planet, no matter what the sport and two of the must-know markets for anyone wanting to begin betting.

What Are Future Bets & Prop Bets?

Future bets and Prob bets are very similar to one another and are essentially wagers that are made for future fixtures, hence the name in the former’s case.

Both markets are ones that look ahead, although there is one key difference. Future bets are wagers that are built upon outcomes that require the entire team over a much longer period, whereas Prop bets are made on individual players or specific events to happen within an upcoming game.

You’ll generally find both types of market offered by bookmakers, with some of the more popular markets highlighted below.

Future Bets Markets

Future Bets are wagers that are made ahead of a fixture and are generally the most common markets such as Outright Winner, team to get relegated, number of games won etc.

Futures bets are available across most major sports as ultimately whether it a team or individual sport, the end goal is to win a trophy.

The likes of soccer, NFL, basketball and ice hockey are all popular with Future betting and are usually made at the very beginning of a season.

However, they can be made during a season and are often explored if a set of results begin to change public opinion of the markets.

Common Markets include:

  • Outright Winner
  • Total Points
  • League Handicap
  • Relegation
  • Top Goalscorer

Prop Bets Markets

Prop bets are much more specific than Future bets and are more commonly wagers on specific individuals or outcomes within a sport.

These are becoming more and more popular across the USA and are markets such as Yards a specific Quarterback a player will throw during a game.

You’ll find them across most sports and you will often get much better odds on these than you would on a Futures bet.

There are all manner of weird and wonderful prop bets to be had, particularly in the NFL from how long the national anthem will last, to various Half Time show novelty bets.

For the most part though it’s about the game and can involve number or assists/rebounds/points in a basketball match as well as number of touchdowns in a football match.


  • Number of Yards/Goals a Player Will Reach
  • Which Player Will Score The Most
  • Touchdowns in a game
  • Over/Under X assists in a game

Where To Place Future Bets & Prop Bets

Most bookmakers will have a large range of both Prop bets and Future bets that can be played before a season has even kicked off.

The likes ofCaesars, SugarHouse and 888sport all have large selections to choose from and here at Gambler Saloon we make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Head over to our Bookmakers Page for all the most exciting around right now, ideal for placing a prop bet with.

You’ll find all the big names have a huge range of markets to play all year round, you’ve just got to be in it for the long run.

What Sports Can I Place Future Bets & Prop Bets?

You can place a future or a prop bet on practically any sport, perfect for playing all year round.

As the soccer and horse racing betting markets are among the more established, you’ll find these sports are the most common although you’ll also find plenty more across the four major US sports.

No matter how popular a sport is, if a bookmaker is offering odds you’ll likely find some form of Prop and Futures bet available.

Among the more popular sports to bet on are:

And many, many more, each sport having their own unique Prop bets alongside them.

Can I Place Free Bets On Future Bets & Prop Bets?

Bookmakers are always offering fantastic free bet offers, so of course it makes sense to benefit from those.

If you don’t want to place your money on wagers that take time to see a return, a free bet is perfect to play with.

We’re always finding the best free bets for you to play with, so why not spend your free $10 wager on an outcome that will give you a big payout at the end of the season?

Many punters use their free bets in this way as it’s an added bonus that really can reap rewards no matter what the sport.

Head to our free bets page for all the latest offers and cast some long term predictions on the Futures betting market today!

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