Can I Create 2 FanDuel Accounts?

Can You Create 2 FanDuel Accounts?

Fan of fantasy sports? Then you have probably heard about FanDuel, one of the top online sportsbook platforms where you can enjoy fantasy sports, horse racing, and sports betting in America.

If you’re not familiar with the platform, then you’re probably riddled with questions. In this article, we address FanDuel account-related questions – one of the most common queries across the world wide web.

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So, can you have 2 FanDuel accounts? The short answer is no. According to FanDuel’s terms and conditions, you can’t have multiple accounts on the platform. If FanDuel detects a secondary account, they will disable it right away. In the worst case, they will disable your primary account and give you a permanent suspension.

However, there are some circumstances where you can actually create multiple accounts in FanDuel sportsbook, without it being considered cheating. If you’re curious about the intricacies of having more than one account, keep reading.

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What are the FanDuel Rules About Multiple Accounts?

FanDuel sportsbook has very strict and rigorous rules about having multiple accounts. As a legal online sportsbook that holds a pristine reputation in the US, FanDuel partners with gambling authorities and regulators to ensure legitimate offers and fair play by sportsbook providers.

FanDuel Sportsbook Log In Page

To protect sports bettors from gaining unfair competitive advantage, FanDuel prohibits having multiple accounts. If FanDuel’s team detects that you have more than one account on the platform, they’ll notify you that you’ve violated FanDuel’s terms, and start an investigation into the matter.

If you’re caught with two open accounts, FanDuel will immediately disable your secondary account. Later on, if they conclude that creating multiple accounts was a good-faith mistake, they will declare it as such and let you use your primary account. They will even transfer all of your remaining deposits from your secondary accounts to your primary account if there are any.

However, if FanDuel’s team concluded that you have been using multiple FanDuel accounts for cheating or gaining an improper advantage, they will disable all of your existing accounts. Not only will you get banned from the platform completely, but FanDuel will also revoke all of your deposits made throughout all of your accounts.

If you’re wondering what will happen to the revoked deposits, don’t worry, FanDuel won’t pursue them to their own advantage. Instead, they’re distributing revoked deposits to other eligible FanDuel DFS users on the platform, or giving them away as prizes in freeroll contests.

Can People From the Same House Have 2 FanDuel Accounts?

The quick answer to this is yes. Two people that live in the same household can have separate FanDuel accounts, but only if you provide the information necessary to prove that the accounts are used by different people.

FanDuel Fantasy Log In Page

FanDuel does not prohibit your roommate, friend, or partner from having a separate FanDuel account from you. However, they have a few policies that require sending proof if they get suspicious about one person using multiple FanDuel sportsbook accounts. The proof typically includes personal identification documents of the account holders to confirm their identities.

Do keep in mind that FanDuel will suspend all of the household accounts if they determine that they’re used by one person. If such circumstances happen by mistake, we recommend contacting the customer support team to explain the issue and look for an alternative solution.

Can I Delete and Make a New FanDuel Account?

No, you can’t delete your FanDuel account and create a new one, since this triggers Fanduel’s terms about multiple accounts. We’ve already established that users are prohibited from having multiple Fanduel accounts, and this policy applies to both open and closed accounts.

If you ever want to delete your FanDuel account for whatever reason it is, you can close it directly from the settings of your account or by contacting customer support. You will be required to fill out a short form to complete the process.

If you want to get back to the platform again, you can always reactivate your old account instead of making a new one. You can do this by contacting the customer support team through their e-mail address at

My FanDuel Login Doesn’t Work – Can I Create a New Account?

Making a new account if you can’t login to your existing one is still considered a violation of FanDuel’s policy. Instead, we suggest trying to reset your password.

FanDuel Fantasy Account Password Reset

To do this, go to FanDuel’s login page and click on the “Forgot Password” button. Then, enter the e-mail address you used to register your FanDuel account, and you will receive instructions in your inbox.

If you’re still having issues accessing your FanDuel account, it’s best to contact customer support through the “Live Chat” button on their website. The customer support team will provide you with instructions on how to track your login details and help you access your account again.

Is It Possible to Recover a Suspended FanDuel Account?

Recovering your FanDuel account mainly depends on the reason why you received an account suspension. Apart from having a second account, FanDuel can also suspend you for providing false information, playing from states where FanDuel isn’t legal, or having too many unsuccessful or suspicious login attempts.

If you believe that you’ve got your account suspended for none of these reasons, the safest option is to contact FanDuel customer support via the Live Chat option or via e-mail. After determining the reason for account suspension, they will provide you with the necessary instructions to recover your FanDuel account.

Alternatives to Having Multiple FanDuel Accounts

If you’re looking for more versatile options to bet on sports and want to have a back-up to your FanDuel account, don’t hesitate to investigate some other online sportsbooks. The DraftKings betting site offers similar services and features as FanDuel, along with a welcome deposit bonus for first-time users. Apart from that, DraftKings offers a vast selection of betting markets and bonuses, along with a versatile online casino to keep you entertained.

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Can you create a second FanDuel account?

No, you can’t open multiple accounts on FanDuel. Every secondary or duplicate account is considered a violation of Fanduel’s terms and conditions, and can earn you a permanent suspension.

Is it possible to have 2 FanDuel accounts in the same household?

Yes, different members of the same household are allowed to have separate FanDuel accounts. However, you may be required to send any type of identification document, to verify the identities of the account holders.

Why did my FanDuel account get suspended?

There are multiple reasons that can get your FanDuel account suspended. The FanDuel team may have determined that you’ve opened multiple accounts, provided false information when registering, or detected suspicious activities on your account. If you believe that you got suspended by mistake, you should contact FanDuel’s customer support.

Can I use the same FanDuel account in separate states?

Yes, you can use your existing FanDuel account in separate states, as long as FanDuel Sportsbook, Casino, or Daily Fantasy Sports platform is legal. However, you can’t deposit or enter DFS contests if you’re located in the states of Hawaii, Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, or Washington.

Can my wife and I have two FanDuel accounts?

Yes, it’s completely legal. However, you may have to prove that the separate accounts belong to two different people by providing FanDuel with your identification documents.

Can I have a DraftKings and a FanDuel account?

Yes. DraftKings and FanDuel are separate platforms where you can open accounts and play. You can also open accounts in other sportsbooks, as long as they’re independent of each other.

How many FanDuel accounts are there in the US?

The Fanduel app is present in over 50 states and has over 17 million users. As such, FanDuel counts as one of the most reputable online gambling operators in the US. Having said this, your FanDuel account will provide different access based on where you are located. The DFS platform will be available in the most states, the sportsbook in about 20 states, and your casino account in just five.