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As you will be aware, there is a lot of competition in the sports betting industry. Meaning, bookmakers are continuously looking for different ways to attract new customers while being innovative at the same time. In the last few years, we have seen this in many different ways including the increase of in-play betting offerings, cashout functionality, and incentives in the form of free bets. Recently, they have started to also provide generous giveaways in the form of enhanced odds offers.

The idea behind it is to boost a price to make it attractive for new customers to sign up and also to retain the old players. 

In this article, we not only provide you with a list of sportsbooks in the US with the best odds boost offers but also take an in-depth look at what an odds boost is, when and where to find them, types of odds boost, and the terms and conditions that are linked to the enhanced odds.

List of Sportsbooks with Best Odds Boost Offers

Not all bookmakers offer enhanced odds while some thrive on giving loyal customers enhanced odds each week on selected games. Here is the list of sports betting sites that offer the best odds boosts in the market:

DraftKings Sportsbook

  • Tournaments with huge payouts
  • Free contests to practice
  • Brand reputation
  • Sports betting & Casino gaming
  • Complex rewards system
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FanDuel Sportsbook

  • Bet on over 17 sports
  • Same game parlays
  • Cash out option
  • In-Game Betting
  • Promos not that regular
  • App can freeze occasionally
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Caesars Sportsbook

  • In Play betting
  • Easy parlays
  • Bet on every sport
  • Trusted industry name
  • Slow withdrawals
  • Cash rewards take time to earn
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BetMGM Sportsbook

  • Sportsbook & Casino
  • User-friendly website and mobile app
  • Amazing for parlays
  • Huge range of markets
  • Slow withdrawals
  • Low max bets on odds boosts
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What does enhanced odds mean in sports betting?

Enhanced odds are a generous promotion that sportsbooks offer punters. In simple words, enhanced odds are when betting sites artificially/temporarily boost the normal betting odds of a selection. Sometimes, they are also known as odds rush, odds push, odds boost, or promise, each of them temporarily enhances a betting line, an event, or even an entire market.

An odds boost provides an opportunity for enhanced returns on sports bets. The sportsbook sets the actual amount of boost and uses it as a promotional offering for both new and existing customers. The goal is to make the bet more attractive for users, as they have a chance of getting greater returns than they would receive for winning bets on the original odds.

For example, there might be an odds boost available for a big NFL favorite who has listed odds of -180. In order to build loyalty and attract new players, the sportsbook may offer bets on that side at odds of +110. This odds-enhanced bet is a no-brainer as a winning bet at odds of +110 is going to provide a much more handsome return than one at odds of -180.

How to find an odds boost?

A number of online sports betting sites regularly offer a variety of odds boost promotions. Odds boosts are often listed in the promotional offerings when you log into the sports betting site, as well as in the main betting lobby. In addition, you can even follow the top online sportsbooks via social media pages for regular updates of the special odds.  Many operators also send email offerings to registered users.

We know visiting each and every sportsbook to check for special odds is a difficult job. Therefore, our team brings you special odds from various sportsbooks and regularly updates all promotions on our website. We not only provide you an opportunity to claim daily odds boosts but also provide reviews, betting tips, and picks. Hence, regularly visit our website to further increase your chances of walking away with a decent profit.

Are free bets with enhanced odds a good bet?

Sports bettors are always looking for a fair bet. The lower the vig, the better the opportunity can be. Enhanced odds provide sports bettors with satisfactory wagering opportunities. But not every boosted odds opportunity is a good bet for everyone, like a proposition bet that reduces the house edge but difficult to win.

For example, when you place a prop bet of Stephen Curry scoring 30+ points and Golden State Warriors winning the game, the house edge will be low but increase variance making the bet more difficult to win.

Odds boosts can work wonders for your bankroll when you make the right call, so it’s absolutely worth your time to stay on top of these intriguing offerings. With free bets, it is a fair decision to take a risk to win big as there is no risk of losing real money. Hence, using free bets to place a bet with enhanced odds is definitely a good bet.

If you are using real money, an odds boost might reduce the house edge but due to the parameters of the wager, it might turn into a bad bet. You will need to study an odds boost bet to determine if it is a good bet.

Types of Odds Boost

Some sportsbooks will regularly offer customers better odds on a few different wagers. An Odds Boost opportunity could be a sportsbook increasing the payout for a moneyline, point spread, parlay, or totals (over/under) bet on a certain game. Enhanced odds can be divided into several categories, each offering a different type of promotion that will allow you to make a bigger profit than you initially anticipated. The following are the different types of odds boost that you can take advantage of by playing your favorite online sportsbook.

Price Promises

Price promise applies to all the odds in a selected event and will guarantee that those prices will not only match those of top competitors but will beat them. The price promise is available only for a short time and provides the best odds or price for selected sports events. This type of odds boost is very common among the popular events for horse racing, football, and other sports.

Price Boost & Price Rush

Price boost incentives are offered by the bookmakers to attract new customers and keep the existing customers betting. Better pricing is usually offered on prominent markets such as high-profile sporting events. Price Rush is a promotion that offers enhanced odds but within a short space of time. It could be within a matter of hours or even minutes within certain circumstances. The maximum time period we think could be reasonable to be considered a price rush would be a few days up to a week, at the absolute most. And that is it, really – it’s that crunch of time which separates this kind of bonus.

Boost Your Own Odds

This is the best way to give you the optimal chance of winning with enhanced odds. Whatever single bet you want to place, including multiples, in any sport, boost is available giving you all of the options. This means you don’t need to settle for whatever enhanced lines the betting site is offering, you can instead define the odds boosts. The ability to boost your own odds won’t increase your chances of winning. In fact, it is still down to how accurate your own predictions are, rather what they will do is ensure you are getting better returns when you do win.

Price Matching

This is a similar idea to what supermarkets do to match grocery prices. It is a similar idea to a price promise but here you are agreeing to match the best odds rather than beat them. Effectively, this is a bookmaker promising to match the best price available from a list of other bookies. If you can find these bets, this is an excellent way of securing that you get great odds. Again, beware the price will be matched to a defined list of other bookies. So, this doesn’t mean there are not better odds still around from bookies not included in the matching offer.ì

Enhanced Place Terms

Enhanced place terms come in two major forms. The first boost the number of places that you will be paid out on for an each-way place bet. Let’s say you paid out on 4 places instead of 3. The other type of enhanced place terms boosts the odds given. Here, say you get a quarter of the winning odds for an each-way bet you may get a third of the odds instead.

New Player Enhanced Odds Promos

This type of offer will give you an incredible boost on odds where existing players won’t receive the same treatment. These are temporary sign-up offers specific to an event and these don’t tend to run very long. Sometimes, these can be better than the standard welcome bonus. New players will generally get the free bet or welcome sign-up bonus offer anyway. Even if the enhanced odds bet were to fail, there is nothing to lose. So, these offers are pretty much a win-win.

Enhanced Odds Offers, Double Odds, and Triple Odds

These offers are quite rare to find. Enhanced odds are any kind of promotion where you receive a boost on odds for a certain market or event. Popular markets will be where you get the most generous offers, with those you can pick for yourself being smaller. The reason for this is that the sportsbooks are more comfortable offering incentives on certain markets, and often the more freedom you get in this regard, the less generous the boost is.

As the name suggests, this type of bet will allow you to take advantage of enhanced double odds or even triple odds on a single bet placed. Sometimes used to attract new sign-ups but very common for regular customers too. These offers can come in all shapes and sizes, often temporary offers restricted to a certain event.

Enhanced Odds Coupons

These are extremely popular among existing bettors to ensure continuous loyalty on a single sportsbook. Enhanced odds coupons are available on some of the top sports betting sites in the US and will give you special odds for four or more sections of your bet. Let’s say you are going to bet on 3 teams to win that are the favorites. There is a higher chance that you’ll win the bets and if you were going to place an accumulator on those teams, you may as well get the enhanced odds to offer.

How to win with a free bet enhanced odds offer

There are several ways in which you can profit from a free bet enhanced odds offer when betting online. We provide you with a list of ways to win with an odds boost that will help you to earn more profit over the long run:

Register With Multiple Betting Sites

Creating an account with multiple sports betting sites will help you to shop around for the best odds boost promotions across all sports and games. You’ll have the ability to check the free bet offers on the upcoming events, so you can decide where to place to get the maximum payout. We highly recommend registering with a vast selection of bookmakers.

Accept All Available Deals

The competition between online sports betting sites is very high. To attract new customers, sportsbooks are offering enhanced odds on most of the major sporting events from across the globe. As each of them is equipped with maximum winnings/stake limits, it is a smart decision to split your total bet amount across multiple betting sites to get the highest earning from your wager.

Bet Ahead Of The Match

Yes, odds boost will add more value to your bet, but are the odds good enough? When you try to rush a bet with a sportsbook, you might miss a better offer at other betting sites. So, instead of rushing and getting settled with an odds boost with the minimum value, we suggest you take time to evaluate all boosted odds promotions across multiple sportsbooks and select your wager in advance.

Maximum Payout / Maximum Bet

Sports betting sites use enhanced odds offers to attract new customers and retain existing customers. As the odds are in the favor of the player, betting sites set a cap for these odds boost promos. Meaning, there will be a limit on either the bet amount or the payout amount. Therefore, we recommend going through the terms and conditions to know the restrictions before you start wagering.

Bet At The Right Time

Unfortunately, only a handful of betting sites actually offer the best price on all bets that were made even before the price is actually boosted. Hence, it is better to wait until the event almost begins to claim the best odds boost promotions. 

Price Matching and Promising

Usually, the betting sites will either promise or match a price set by other online sportsbooks. Note that, this doesn’t mean all US online sportsbooks offer the price match and promise. We recommend taking a look at different sports betting sites to check their offerings regarding the odds boost. All sportsbooks that are displayed on the list offer either a price match or a price promise.

Singles and Multipliers

The odds boost promotions such as price rush or short-term price boosts are mainly offered across single lines. In order to combine your bet with other selections, you must read the terms and conditions first to make sure you get the boosted odds on your entire bet. You’ll also notice that some odds boost promotions can be used in multiple bets but don’t allow you to bet on some sporting events.

Enhanced Multipliers

Before searching for an enhanced odds offer, you must decide in advance on what type of bet you want to place on future events. For example, if you would like to make multiple bets, you must look for enhanced multipliers instead of regular bets. This way you’ll get the most out of a winning wager.

Terms and Conditions apply

Before claiming any enhanced odds boost offer, we recommend reading the applicable terms and conditions of each offer to know complete details regarding their value. You’ll know each and every detail of the odds boosts including the min/max bet requirements, time limits, and other restrictions. Hence, it is important to read through them and understand them. Here are some of the things you should look out for:

Minimum Bet Requirement

To successfully activate an odds boost offer, you must evaluate the minimums. Most of the time, the minimum bet requirement would be $5. It is better to keep an eye on this to ensure you know about the requirement before placing the bet.

Maximum Stake / Winnings

The majority of betting sites will promote the odds boost offers at a loss or even at a cost. Meaning there will be a limit on the qualifying bet or the final winnings. For example, if the boosted odds payout up to $20 on a bet, any extra bet amount will be calculated on the original.

Free Bets, Bonuses, and Cash

Not all winnings from odds boosts are paid in cash. Some betting sites might provide winnings to withdraw immediately, while others offer the funds in the form of free bets or as cash bonuses that you can only use to place wagers. After using these free bets or bonus cash to bet according to the wagering requirements, you can withdraw the cash.

Time Limits

The time limit generally refers to the period of time where the player can participate in the enhanced odds promotion. Typically, the promotion is valid for a limited time and ends as soon as the game begins. Regularly check the time limit involved in the terms and conditions section to ensure you have enough time to claim the offer before it expires.

Non-Runner or Disqualification

If you place a bet on a player with boosted odds and unfortunately if the player doesn’t show up due to injury or other reasons, your bet might become void. Hence, we always suggest you to check the terms and conditions section to check what happens to your bet when there’s a disqualification or non-runner.