Sports Betting Strategy

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Making money betting on sports can be tough but there are a lot of professional punters who consistently win. This page contains the best sports betting strategy and tips to help you become one of the winning bettors, from basic strategies to advanced betting systems.

Best Betting Strategies

The following section contains our top betting strategies, developed by mathematicians or expert bettors. Take a look at the best betting systems, you will find a comprehensive guide and tools to understand and keep track of your results.

The Zig Zag Betting Theory
The Zig Zag Betting Theory

The Zig Zag Theory has been a popular strategy in betting for over 40 years and continues to be one…
How To Calculate Expected Value

How To Calculate Expected Value

Are you wondering what is Expected Value and how to calculate EV before you place a bet? You are at…
Bankroll Management Basics

Bankroll Management Basics

We all love a wager every now and again but often we can get carried away due to a gut…
Arbitrage Betting Basics

Arbitrage Betting Basics

It would be really nice if you could win a bet every time you made one, wouldn’t it? Well, Arbitrage…
The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale Betting System

Betting strategies are becoming more and more a part of how we bet online. It makes sense, when on a…
The Fibonacci Betting System

The Fibonacci Betting System

You always get the impression there’s an element of risk with progressive betting systems, yet they’re used by many as…
Kelly Criterion Strategy

Kelly Criterion Strategy

When it comes to betting, we all have our strategies. For some, it may be as simple as picking the…

Money Management/Bankroll Management Strategies

To be profitable in sports betting, a bettor needs two things: an edge over the bookmaker and a well-disciplined staking method.

Most online bettors advocate a money management strategy, which involves the incremental increase of stakes after lost bets, in an attempt to recover previously lost money.

These methods are known as Progressive Betting Systems.

The Martingale staking plan is the most known progressive staking method. It comes from the world of casino gambling and in particular the game of roulette.

The Fibonacci sequence is one of the most widely known numeric sequences in mathematics and can be also applied to sports betting.

Both the Martingale and the Fibonacci sequences allow for long losing runs to cause huge holes in bettors’ bank balances.

The Kelly Criterion is often cited as the most efficient money management strategy to maximize a winning bettor’s rate of bankroll growth as it takes into account the expected rate of return and the risk.

The Labouchère staking system allows a bettor to continue to bet until a particular winning amount is reached and is traditionally used for Roulette.

The Monte Carlo method relies on repeated random sampling to obtain numerical outputs and requires little mathematical knowledge.

The Masaniello betting system has been developed by Italian mathematics. It is a Money Managment tool to calculate the next stake to win a given amount of units and can be also applied to roulette.

Surebets and Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Arbitrage betting promises good returns. As odds of all online bookmakers are different for a same event, there are cases where you can make a sure profit whatever the outcome. These “surebets” appears when bookmakers have different estimations about the outcome of an event.

Arbitrage betting is mainly possible on betting exchange platforms or live betting where surebets opportunities are constantly available by Backing and Laying in a constantly shifting market.

Matched Betting Strategy

Matched betting is a method of betting that allows you to make a profit from the many sign up bonuses and promotions bookmakers have to offer. The idea beyond this strategy is to use the welcome offers to help cover all possible outcomes of a bet in order to make a profit.

Sports Betting Strategies


NBA Betting Strategies

We collected some of the most popular NBA betting systems – from the Zig Zag Theory to NBA Totals strategy or the NBA Fatigue method – and hopefully give you some ideas on finding some of your own.


NFL Betting Strategies

In the world of American punters, the NFL is king with over $8 billion in bets are placed on just the Super Bowl. NFL Betting Strategies – such as NFL Bye Week strategy or Bet Against The Public – allow you to get more out of your bets


NHL Betting Strategies

If you’re serious about making money doing hockey betting, you should one of our suggested NHL betting systems – the Play-Off Zig Zag strategy, the Underdog Betting System, NHL Over/Under methods, etc…

Soccer Betting Strategies

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. We have tons of strategies, from betting on draws to Asian Handicap strategy, Under/Over strategies to Both Teams To Score system, etc..

horse racing

Horse Racing Betting Strategies

There are a number of widely recognized betting systems and strategies focused on horse racing. The Dutching system, Laying the Favourite, Back the Beaten Favourite, and the Statistical Lay, just to name a few..

Greyhound Betting Strategies

Greyhound betting systems can save you lots of time and earn you more money in your future bets. The Winalot and the Greyhound Global systems are two of the most profitable greyhound strategies