A Guide To Winning On Scratchcards

Peter N
March 8, 2020

Scratchcards are ultimately a game based purely on luck. You’ve no idea what you’re about to reveal. Here at Gambler Saloon, you’ll find some of our top tips to help boost your chances of winning on scratchcards both online and offline.

You could have just lost a dollar; you could have won thousands. How? Well, that can be done through being savvy, selecting the scratchcards you play carefully and a number of other things. 

There’s no real way of beating a scratchcard. However, there are ways in which you can boost your chances of winning. 

How To Win On Scratchcards: Top Tips

Buy Intelligently

There are many types of scratchcards available both online and offline, with various price tags also on offer.

With different prices come different prizes with lower-priced scratchcards naturally offering lower prices.

It’s generally considered quality over quantity is the way to go when playing scratchcards. Such as buying fewer higher-priced, bigger prize cards ahead of bulk low price and prize cards.

Buy in Bulk

However, there is reason to buy in bulk as manufacturers will place win cards frequently through production. Therefore, buying a string of scratchcards in a row will increase your chances of winning compared to buying the same number over a set period of time.

We still recommend quality over quantity, but it’s perhaps advisable to use your budget in one go rather than sporadically across a week/month.

Stick to a Budget

Just for an element of safety, it’s always wise to stick to a budget. It won’t win you anymore, but it could prevent you from losing more should you end up purchasing more beyond your initial budget.

Check the Small Print

Ensuring you know all the rules of a scratchcard will allow you to understand if you have picked up a winner or not.

This applies to both online and physical scratchcards as there will often be wildcard symbols and combinations you might not realize are winners.

This is also a good indicator of whether a scratchcard is worth playing and worth the amount you’re about to play for it. 

Within the small print, you’ll often find odds or statistics that will allow you to calculate the odds, giving you a good indication of how likely you are to scratch a winner.

Some more tips to boost winning on scratchcards

Stick to the same Scratchcard

Similarly to our advice on buying in bulk, it’s always useful to be consistent in the scratchcards you’re buying. 

By playing the same scratchcard again you’re more likely to hit a winner than playing random selections every time. 

For example, if you were to select eight random scratchcards you’re much more likely to pick eight losing cards. On the other hand, you would win at least once when you select eight of the same. 

Take Advantage Of Offers

Online casinos often offer welcome bonuses and promotions to new customers and you’ll find a number available for scratchcards.

Use these bet credits and boost your winning on scratchcards before you’ve played with your own money. Indeed, get a feel of how a scratchcard plays online and how frequently it pays out. Essentially, try before you buy!

You can find all our favorite casino promotions, many of which can be used for winning on scratchcards, on our Casino Offers page.

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The Best Online Casinos Offering Scratchcards

If you’re looking to put these tips into practice, you’ll find dozens of brilliant online casinos and lottery sites offering a range of scratchcards.

All our favorites can be found on our Casino Reviews page. Here we spend time trying out the USA’s top brands and unveil what we think about them. 

We look into all aspects of a site to ensure they’re safe and good value as well as offering an impeccable user experience.

Head to our Casino Reviews now and find the right site for you to play scratchcards online. 

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Author Peter N